This is an urgent plea for all who are enlisted in God’s army to PLEASE, spend more time praying than watching what is going on.  This is a historic time for the soul of our nation.  We cannot sit on the sidelines.  This is OUR WATCH!  We all have a part to play for God’s use.  You may think your prayers may not be doing anything.  But when ALL of us pray, it makes an impact.  And we have to enlist heaven’s help in this hour.

Yesterday, a group of intercessors and I were praying together.  God brought us to Joshua 10.  In a time where it “feels” helpless, and we are praying and it seems the enemy has outnumbered God’s righteous, Joshua enlisted God’s help.  God used the heavenly bodies to assist Joshua in defeating all the evil kings who had gathered together to oppose Joshua.  The intervention was a supernatural one.  Joshua had no means with which to defeat the enemy with his resources.

America need a supernatural intervention as well.  And all of us have to be obedient to do our part.  Our daily routines have been disrupted.  We all need to pause and pursue God in this hour.  He will respond.

It may seem crazy to the logical mind, but we need ALL of our weapons of warfare for the pulling down of strongholds.  God can use His creation to help us.  

We must continue to trust and believe in this time of unrest.  We must keep our eyes fixed on Him.  We have a part to play through prayer.  Out of that, we have obedience to do as He leads.  THEN we can watch what is happening.  Not as a spectator.  But as one gathering intel to go back to the throne to join the thousands who are praying for God to arise.

We cannot forget God is greater than all evil in the world.  Don’t give Satan any power over you by joining in the spirit of fear.


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