On May 29th, I turned on the TV and sat on the couch shocked at what was happening in America with the riot in Minnesota and a few other cities in our nation.  My heart was grieved as I watched lawlessness abound, destruction and anger galvanize the masses who were rioting for a cause they had forgotten in the midst of burning on fire police cars and looting businesses without fear.  It was so obvious that these riots were set by a well planned with a funded agenda to bring chaos and destruction to America.

I have to be honest how shell shocked I was as I witnessed NO law enforcement to be found anywhere in Minnesota, and for a while, I could see what life looked like without the measuring stick of lawful order…righteousness, justice, and truth.  I thought, “ONLY THE MERCY OF GOD can pour out and save us in this hour.”  We are in need of divine intervention.  We don’t deserve God’s help because of the choices we have made to kick Him out of our foundations as a nation.  BUT thankfully, God looks down from heaven and hears the righteous, calling out to Him as Abraham did for Lot who prayed God’s mercy to pull Lot and his family out of the evil and judgment coming of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Abraham’s prayers availed much and the Lord dispatched angels to help, so with that example, I had faith to pray for armies of angels to come in this time of need.

Then I remembered our forefathers who dedicated this land of promise to King Jesus.  They had a divine revelation of the identity and purpose God had for this great nation to multiply His kingdom on the earth.  My heart shuttered to think of their sacrifice for all of American’s who enjoy the freedom to worship Him and live in this prosperous land, and what I was seeing on TV was blasphemous to their memory.

In that moment of taking this all in, the fear of God hit me. I have been praying for this nation for years, but now I was sitting on the couch watching this all transpire as a spectator.  I felt God command me to ARISE!  My spirit instantly knew this was not the time to be on the sidelines spectating.  I needed to partner with God to release His provision in the earth:  ANGELIC ARMIES!

So I got to work and began praying in the Holy Spirit, because I had no idea how to pray…I just needed to make myself available for the Holy Spirit to pray through me God’s plan in the earth.  

I remembered that the Lord had shown me long ago that the “Twin Cities” in Minnesota represented the twins of Jacob and Esau and that it would be a key to the soul of our nation as a war was going on between God’s Seed planted in this nation and the spirit of antichrist that wants to murder the Seed.  Our nation has had both seeds growing in the land since 1776, and its division is so clear to see now (it’s not a mystery because the truth is coming out), which is why we are at a tipping point of the war.

I felt the battle raging in the spirit realm and felt the marked moment was when the people started making their move to breakdown the wall of secret service at the White House.  It was so intense and at one point, it looked like the rioters were going to break through the wall which I could see would be devastating to our nation of the ripple effect it would have.  And then came the RAIN!  ….And then came the supernatural shift!  Miraculously, the inertia of rage and anger subsided.   And when it hit midnight, I felt a release and peace at the White House…… but the war was not over.

Another hour existed to pray until Minnesota hit midnight, and what was happening there was a free for all looting because there was NO ENFORCEMENT SEEN.  I prayed until the clock hit midnight in Minnesota, and immediately the atmosphere shifted in the spirit realm, and I understood that GOD’S ENFORCEMENT HAD BEEN DISPATCHED.

The next day, (5/30/20), it was announced that 40 cities across the nation would be rioting.  The pictures of what was transpiring looked grave, but when I went to pray, the Holy Spirit had shifted from war to worship.  In that place of worship, a PEACE that surpassed all understanding was experienced.  I felt blanketed with SHALOM, and my cells were expanding with peace in my soul and body.  This I understood was a gift of the national Pentecost we were about to experience.  The Prince of Peace filling our spirit, soul, and bodies in this era, and God doing something nationally that we could not do in striving, but could experience in His presence of peace.

Today, May 31st, as I awoke, I reflected on how in 2012, I had opened our home to a corporate Pentecost gathering.  I saw a “third” outpouring coming that God was going to do corporately (Nationally).  That night, we all waited for the Holy Spirit to come upon us like FIRE!  We all expected the explosive power of the Holy Spirit to hit us.  And although the Holy Spirit was with us and we got to experience His presence, it wasn’t what we expected.

The same is true today.  Many who now have eyes and ears to God’s appointed times that He declared would be The witness of His promises that come through the Feasts may be disappointed as they have an expectation of a huge outpouring of God’s glory manifested in a way they are familiar with.  But there is a massive expansion of God’s glory taking place within the cells of our spirit, soul and body so we can contain greater glory in these temples God has given. God is taking off the boundaries and opening up the gates in our cells.  And there is a peace that is inexplainable that is a product of this outpouring that comes within us, even in the midst of chaos and COVID-19 in the land.

And while God’s people are enjoying a greater expansion of His glory in their cells, God is releasing a third outpouring of His glory that is coming upon our nation in a way we aren’t expecting.  It is a fire that is consuming darkness and the seed (antichrist agenda) that has grown in our land that has tried to murder God’s Seed.  It is the “mystery” of Babylon that has infiltrated in our government, financial systems, and yes, even our churches that God is bringing into the light of His truth and exposing and destroying its power of oppression with His consuming fire.

Lies are being exposed to His truth.  Corruption can no longer hide.  Oppression of God’s people shall lose its grip.  The innocent who are being slaughtered will find that the death edict has been canceled.  The underground tunnels of trafficking will be consumed by God’s fire of judgment.

It this hour, the divine right to rule is transitioning back into rightful positions. Those who have been trained and ready for this season, who have been abiding in His truth and ways, God will raise up in this hour to take positions of authority and restore righteousness, justice, and truth in this land.  

And why is God doing this?  It is ONLY because He has established His promise for this nation that affects ALL the nations. His mercy seat declares His unconditional promise that He will perform His plan, regardless of our shortcomings.  He is covering us in this hour for the Lord Himself will perfect His plan for this nation, and the nations of the world.  And He is UNIFYING HIS PEOPLE who will be a witness that He is on the throne.

About a week ago, President Trump declared that all churches can gather because they are deemed “essential.”  This executive order trumped the governors who would not allow the gathering of God’s people.  President Trump made a way for those leaders who decided to stand up against this edict and open up their doors on Pentecost to do so legally because America’s Commander in Chief made the decree.

This morning, President Trump tweeted “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.”  The media is gasping.  The Antichrist organizations that have tried to destroy this nation are shaking.  It’s time to expose and root out this evil and for God’s people to triumph.

Our greatest weapon will be the power of the Holy Spirit, who will lead us in all truth, comfort us in times of trouble, release a great measure of peace in the midst of war, and empower us to triumph.  We are in a time of war, but God’s people will war in prayer FIRST.  Out of the war room, we will get their instructions of obedience of what must be done to exemplify righteousness, truth and justice in the earth.  REJOICE TODAY!

This is now the second FEAST of the year 2020 (20 is the number of redemption) that is marked in heaven and earth of the divinely appointed time God is moving His plan of redemption forward.  The Millenium reign is approaching.  Passover brought the nations of God’s people together for the first time in history.  Now, Pentecost is a sign of God marking our nation for His purpose in the earth.  And Tabernacles will be a great display of God’s unity of His people who are rejoicing with the King!

Come King Jesus we shall all be praying.  We shall be preparing His kingdom for His arrival.  For only King Jesus can rule the nations, and America shall be a witness to the nations that He is coming!

ADDENDUM:  This was just sent to me.  It is from Nate Johnston:

“I can hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind breaking through our atmosphere, and one thing is for certain:  hell can hear it too.  It’s why we are witnessing the forces of darkness react in such furious ways.  Make no mistake, the disgusting racial happenings of this week, the coronavirus, the unrest, the rioting….it is all rooted in fear.  The enemy can feel the ground shaking beneath him, he can feel his unseating, he can feel his strongholds of hate, racism, fear and disunity beginning to crumble at his feet….and he’s running SCARED.   The principalities of darkness are vying desperately to maintain their ground…and let me tell you….THEY WILL NOT STAND!

Why?  Because YOU, the sons and daughters – of every tribe, tongue and color, are rising into your God-given power and authority.  We must speak to the storm and release an overpowering force of JESUS into the atmosphere.  Walk out the front of your house and declare His name.  March or drive around your neighborhood and BOLDY DECLARE that the FEAR cannot stand here.  TAKE dominion over your home, your city, and you nation.  The righteous are bold as a lion….and there is no greater time to be BOLD as now, in the face of so much adversity.

Speak the Prince of Peace to the storm.  Speak the answer – a mighty rushing wind is coming from heaven – the second wave of Pentecost! (I say third if you count Mt. Sinai).  

Jesus, we release you into every corner and Nation of the earth, particularly over the United States of America right now.  The weapons we fight with are not natural, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds and we come into agreement with your word that every demonic force and principality MUST be silenced at your Name.  Let heaven invade earth!

Lift up your voices, mighty ones, that the King of Glory, may come through you.  Now is not a time to be silent….DECLARE the end from the beginning for I can hear the rushing wind of His Spirit on the horizon…”

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