“Our Royal Roots”

God made Covenants throughout history to anchor His heart and purpose of redemption for heaven and earth.  

Each covenant is like a piece of a puzzle. When we put the puzzle pieces together, we can see the big picture of God’s love for ALL of His creation. Looking at the completed puzzle, we can see our identity and purpose individually and nationally because we understand our Father’s legacy, inheritance, and what has been passed down through the bloodline from generation to generation for His purpose.  We can truly understand God’s MERCY!

I invite you to discover our biblical heritage and inheritance as we explore God’s Covenant trail from Genesis to Revelation through “Our Royal Roots” Bible Study.  We will dig through the treasures of God’s Word and discover these truths:

  1. Follow a trail of God’s story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation.
  2. Learn the ingredients that make up a Covenant with God throughout biblical history.
  3. Follow biblical history of how Covenants created a pathway for redemption.
  4. Identify God’s purpose, both individually and corporately, of why God chose to make a Covenant.
  5. Discover how God’s Covenant trail intertwines with secular history.
  6. Apply the Old Testament blueprint with the New Testament fulfillment. 
  7. Unlock the “Mysteries of Christ” hidden in the Covenant truths.
  8. Uncover the “Scepter” and the “Birthright” components in Covenant that will shift believers from false doctrines taught in today’s Christianity.
  9. Equip us for the Millennium to be God’s “priests.”
  10. Receive God’s “plumb line” of truth that equips us to be HIS LIGHT in a world deceived by darkness.

“OUR ROYAL ROOTS” bible study will include the following:

  1. Written content that will summarize the Covenant, the biblical history and events that took place during that covenant.
  2. Charts, genealogy outlines, and supporting written content to detail historical events that are relevant to the Covenant trail.
  3. Powerpoint presentation reviewing each Covenant.
  4. Worksheets to help learn about each Covenant.
  5. Brief video presentation for each section of the study.

If you are interested in exploring the Bible from beginning to end and back to the beginning again so it becomes ONE STORY you understand, and how it is playing out it’s Covenant story even today, and why AMERICA has some significance in the Covenant story, email me at heystacers@momanna.life to sign up for this curriculum.