This November 15th begins the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar known as Kislev.  Kislev means, “security, trust, and coming full circle.”

Kislev is the last month of the “harvest” season in the Hebrew Covenant Calendar which is associated with the tribe of Benjamin; the youngest son of Jacob. He was the ONLY son born in the Promised Land.

Benjamin was actually given two names. The first came from his mother Rachel. Having great difficulties in giving birth, Benjamin’s mother died right after seeing her son born. Rachel named him, ”Benoni,” which means “son of my sorrow (or iniquity). The name of her son was a death confession of her stealing the family idol treasures (Gen. 35:18).

As much as Jacob loved Rachel and wanted to honor her request, Jacob saw his newborn son through the eyes of God’s heart and was obedient to change his name to fit His destiny. Jacob named him “Benjamin,” which means “son of my right hand.”

The meaning of a person’s name reveals clues to their God given identity and destiny.  Name changes in the Bible are not insignificant. Abraham’s name (Father of many nations) was changed from Abram (exalted father), to fit Abraham’s prophetic destiny in God’s Covenant Story.

God changed Jacob’s name as well to ISRAEL. Jacob’s birth name means “supplanter, or deceiver.” His name fit him because this name identified his nature before encountering Father God heart to heart. But after Jacob wrestled with God and understood His Covenant heritage, God changed his name and nature to fit his God appointed identity and purpose; ISRAEL, meaning “ruler or prince with God” (Gen. 35:10).

Benjamin was the only son born after Jacob’s divine encounter with God. Jacob’s “firstfruit” in this new identity change happens when he renames his son Benjamin because he saw his son through the Covenant lens of his identity.

Incidentally, Jesus went through this process with Abba Father as well when Jesus was being baptized and the Father said, “This is My Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:17). From that moment on, Jesus was not identified as a carpenter, but as the son of God sent to save man from sins.

Before Jacob/Israel dies, God uses him to give the prophetic Covenant blessing to all his sons. Genesis 49:27 are the prophetic words over Benjamin. “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil.”

In this prophetic word, God shares that Benjamin has two sides: One that is self absorbing and will fight for his food at all costs sparing nothing for anyone who is hungry. The other is the matured Benjamin who has an understanding of God’s Covenant who will fight for what is right in order to give out what has been given him. The first nature is life without understanding the Father’s heart. The second nature comes through the wrestle with God, understanding our identity in Him, and the maturity to carry out His Covenant.

We see these two natures of Benjamin and conversion throughout the Bible. All twelve disciples of Jesus were Benjamites. When Jesus called on each of them to be His disciples, each one of them received a new identity. After spending time with the Lord and going through a transformation process, God was able to use them as His light.

God had already prophesied that the tribe of Benjamin would be a light when God decided to split the kingdom in two in 1 Kings 11:36 “And to Solomon’s son I will give one tribe (Benjamin), that My servant David may always have a LAMP before Me in Jerusalem, the city which I chosen for Myself, to put My name there.

Saul who converted to Paul was also a Benjamite (Romans 11:1). We read about his encounter, identity change, and how he was used a “light” in Act. 9:1-22. Saul believed himself to be so righteous as a Pharisee and one who persecuted the Christians UNTIL His encounter with the Father. Then he went from being a “son of sorrow/iniquity” to that “son of God’s right hand” (Gen. 35:18).

The generations of today are the “Benjamites” who will bring in the greatest Harvest for the King. But in order to fulfill their call, most need an “encounter” to understand their identity and purpose through the lens of the Father. America will need this encounter as well as we have forgotten our identity and purpose as a nation established by God.

As times get difficult, God has prophesied over the Benjamites who are his “son’s of His right hand,” protection and covering. Moses adds to the prophetic word for Benjamin: “The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by Him, who shelters him all the day long; and he shall dwell between His shoulders.” (Deut.33: 12) This is comforting to know as we are faced with difficult times ahead that the Benjamites have God’s special protection.

We can learn from the Benjamites in the Bible how God used them mightily when they put their trust in Him. Benjamites such as Esther and Mordacei saved God’s people from destruction and God exalted them. However, King Saul did not and he lost his throne.

God’s Covenant sign of the rainbow after the flood is associated with the tribe of Benjamin. (Gen.8,9). The rainbow, which has all the colors, is very symbolic of the heart of the Benjamites who have a heart for ALL of God’s people to know the King. They will be God’s sign in the earth of the truth of His Covenant.

Kislev is the ninth Hebrew month, and nine is the number associated with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Galatians 5:22,23 gives us all nine fruits: love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  This is divine completeness in manifesting the character of Christ, which the Benjamite disciples had first hand training.  When the world can see the manifestation of the “sons of light,” the heavens and the earth will rejoice!

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of God” (Romans 8:19).


In 2016, when President Trump was elected, many in the body of Christ were sharing that they saw him as a type of Cyrus in the Bible who God used to help deliver God’s people from oppressive Babylon leadership.  Indeed, I did not disagree with their analogy because I knew that the “mystery of Babylon” that has taken root in America must be shaken and overturned, and God was raising up the one He chose to assist in this process.  However, when I prayed, I saw Trump as Samson.

I am sharing this with you today so you can follow the life of Samson and perhaps use this to focus your prayers at this hour for President Trump (Judges 13-16).  Samson was chosen to lead the Israelites during a time in history God was raising up judges to turn God’s people back toward Him, leaving their idolatry and ways of the world behind.  God allowed the adversary to rise up because the people had chosen to reject God’s leadership.

When Samson came on the scene, the greatest adversary was the Philistines.  God gave Samson the supernatural ability to defeat the enemy.  He had a strength that was unexplainable.  He had an unusual way of leading that wasn’t typical.  His own people wanted to give him up to the enemy because of Samson’s indiscretions that put God’s people in jeopardy.  But God gave Samson the increase to defeat all.  And his leadership did bring peace for God’s people for a short time.

THEN, Samson’s anointing was “CUT”  while he was sleeping.  He had opened the door for this event to take place because of his weakness with women, particularly Delilah.  And the enemy overtook him, imprisoned him, and gouged out his eyes.  

In the place where Samson had no strength and his hands were tied, God gave him a supernatural vision of the purpose HE had for raising up Samson as a leader.  Samson understood in that hour that it was God who gave him these natural abilities for a greater purpose to save His people.  And in that revelation, Samson chose to die a martyr and use His strength to take down the strongholds and government of the Philistines.  God strengthened Samson one more time, and out of that act of obedience, Samson took down the pillars (strongholds) of the enemy:

“Then Samson called to the Lord, saying, ‘O Lord God, remember me, I pray! Strengthen me, I pray, just this once, O God, that I may with one blow take vengence on the Philistines for my two eyes!'”

And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars which supported the temple, and he braced himself against them, one on his right and the other on his left.

Then Samson said, ‘Let me die with the Philistines!  And he pushed with all his might, and the temple fell on the lords and all the people who were in it.  So the dead that he killed at his death were more than he had killed in his life'” (Judges 16:28-30).

I share this with you because I saw back in 2016 that there would come a time in Trump’s presidency that his natural gifts, talents, and resources to lead would come to a halt.  Trump would find himself down on his knees praying and seeking God’s face because all of his own efforts failed.  In that hour, God would meet him face to face and give him the bigger picture to see of how He was using him to fulfill His covenant promises to a people who call on the name of the Lord.  And out of that encounter, God would give Trump the strategy and strength to bring down the stronghold that is destroying our nation who is a symbol of hope for the world because she has been founded on the promises of God.

Please join me in prayer for Trump at this hour.  He cannot rely on the cabinet or religious leaders for help in this historical time of crisis in America.  There are too many mixed signals and some are from the spirit of antichrist.  He must hear from God alone, and then have the strength and courage to execute leadership.