Thoughts of the State of the Union Address

If you are like me, watching the State of the Union Address can stir up negative feelings.  In recent years, we can tune in to see half the room not clapping for a President, while the other half proudly roaring.  It has been such a direct reflection of the health condition of our nation that it makes me want to throw up!

But last night, I got up from the couch after listening to President Trump, and I was truly hopeful.  For the first time, I saw the “wall” between the parties crack.  President Trump delivered a message that brought all together several times, even when it was uncomfortable for some to admit they agreed to what was being said.

It was almost comical watching people squirm in their seats not wanting to stand or clap for an issue they were passionate about after hearing from Trump how he was tackling these issues with results.

I was in complete admiration of this one thing that we can all take away from this speech:  Trumps speech for the most part stayed connected to the heart of what ALL Americans desire for this nation, and in doing so, both parties found themselves standing and clapping even if that person had pretermined he/she wouldn’t participate.

All great leaders find a way to stir up the hearts and to bring people together for a common cause that speaks truth.  All Americans want to protect our freedom, our liberty, and to keep America safe.  We may all differ in how we go about that plan, but if we all stopped and thought about it, we live in one of the greatest nations in the world.

When a leader stands for what God says is right and true; when a leader calls out evil or takes a stand against what God calls evil, without blaming or shaming…regardless of what political party you lean toward, we are compelled to root for righteousness.

The Lord says that the truth sets us free and that righteousness brings a sure reward.

Our job is to find out what God says is right and true, stand in that, and let Him do what we call impossible… heal the hearts and heal this nation.

Now we must all have the boldness to stand strong as well in what is right and true according to God’s word, and simply do our part.

There is so much I could comment on this Address, like all the heart-warmed stories that almost made cry.  And I am sure, there could be much to criticize.  But I prefer to stick to this one high note, and begin hoping for progress.

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