The SuperBowl Speaks

Many Americans spent time watching Super Bowl 53, and given this event has a national stage, I take note of some of the details that God may be saying.

Seven years ago, the Patriots were in the Super Bowl playing the NY Giants.  The Giants defeated them 21 to 7.  How I know this is because I wrote it in my journal after the Lord put it in my heart to do so.

7 years later, the Patriots came out the victor, beating the Rams 13 to 3.

Back in 2012, when the Patriots lost to the Giants, I felt like God told me that the “giants” in America (those who were trying to steal, kill, and destroy America’s God given destiny), were still in the “winning” position.  These “giants” were, and are, the source of the great divide and corruption in our nation.

But seven years later, the Patriots (Heart of America) defeated the Rams. This is a hopeful sign of a turn around coming, which I believe coincides with the “fall of Babylonian” written in Rev 17,18.

In Super Bowl 53, the Patriots only scored 13 points.  Why was this number significant?  13 is the number identified with America’s foundation, founded by Christians, beginning with the 13 colonies.

America went on to establish a flag that has 13 stripes:

american flag close up design flag

Photo by Octavio Suarez on Pexels.comI


In addition, the making of our Presidential Seal has the number 13 several times:  The eagle grasps an olive branch in its right talon with 13 leaves and 13 berries, and a bundle of 13 arrows and 13 feathers in its left.



God likened Israel to an Olive Tree which stands for peace (Jer. 11:16;Hos. 14:5-7).  The olive branch and arrows are symbols for the power of peace.  The eagle holds an open scroll in its beak inscribed with the Latin 13-letter motto “E pluribus Unum”,which means “Out of Many, One.”

The victory of the Patriots may be a hopeful sign.  I am believing  that we are at a tipping point in America to see her wake up to her identity and destiny and get victory over the works of the enemy that are trying to destroy her.  The prayers of the saints(Patriots) will prevail!

Over the years, the Super Bowl has become America’s national  “feast” of sorts, which has had the ability to join the nation together for celebration.

This event has affected each home, business, conversation, and paycheck, whether you celebrate it or not.  It has given me a picture of what it could look like if the nation began celebrating Gods Feasts and how we can all be united in one purpose:  ONE NATION UNDER GOD. 

It seemed this year that the interest in the Super Bowl has diminished a bit.  Perhaps that too is a hopeful sign: that instead of lifting up man and his accomplishments while they kiss the Lombardi trophy,  we will see how the true value that brings peace is not in what man can accomplish, but in what Jesus already accomplished on the cross.

Things always get messy before deliverance comes.  Our nation is looking pretty messy right now, but isn’t that when God can come in at our greatest time of need and get all the glory.  It requires our humility…not a trophy.




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