Firstfruits begins at sundown on March 3rd, which will be the second month of ADAR. Having a second ADAR happens every few years, similar to a “leap year” in the Gregorian calendar, for the purpose of keeping the correct alignment of the months in accordance with the seasons of harvest time to offer the LORD His “firstfruits.”  

Because the second ADAR is added, this Hebrew Covenant Calendar has 13 months instead of 12. An interesting side note to share is that when you study the tribes of Israel, Manasseh is known as the 13th tribe, and America lines up with Manasseh’s prophetic destiny spoken through Jacob and Moses for the “latter days.” (Gen. 49:22-26; Deut.33:13-17). I believe America will wrestle, and be challenged where she gets her strength this month: Trusting in God, or the systems and power of men. The remnant will probably find themselves on their knees asking for God’s intervention and wisdom.

I believe when there are two ADARS in the year, God’s people need that extra month to prepare for a significant New Year up ahead.  Sometimes, the extra month of “wrestling the Lord” for His Holy exchange “cracks the code” to our stubbornness or inability to break through our challenges.  But for sure, the exchange inevitably has us dealing with our heart issues that prevent us from entering into the LORD’s rest and reward. As we let go and slump over in humility, the LORD gives us the deliverance and breakthrough needed for the landscape ahead.

Since ADAR means “strength,” the LORD’s double portion of His message is made clear to us: it is not by our own strength that we head into the New Year, but by His Spirit leading us in the way we should go. Patience to wait on Him and hear His instruction is key.

The story of Esther gives us a picture of ADAR II. Esther was chosen to be Queen after a long year process of preparation. The King loved Esther more than all other women, and she obtained favor in his sight. But Esther had not revealed her family identity because her cousin Mordecei instructed Esther to keep it hidden. Esther and Mordecei came from the tribe of Benjamin of the House of Judah.

It wasn’t long after Esther was crowned Queen that the King promoted a man named Haman to be above all the princes.  His arrogant pride and need for power propelled his vanity to desire all people to pay homage to him and bow.  But Mordecei didn’t, and the assassination plan began against all of Mordecei’s family known as the Jews.

Haman had carefully plotted to devise a plan to kill all the Jews without knowing he was essentially asking the King to sign off on killing his own wife as well.  Esther found out about the edict, and decided to fast and pray.  It was during the fast that God gave Esther the wisdom on how to expose Haman and to stop his assignment.

Three important things came forth from this month of Adar for Esther.  First, Esther had to “surrender all!”  Her purpose for the Lord putting her in a position of power to save the people had to be more important than even her own life.  And it was a risk she took to trust the Lord in it.  It was through her fast that she found the power to do so. But it was her Uncle’s words, “For such a time as this” that moved her into action.  We are called for such a time as this to step into our destiny.  Fasting will help us understand the wisdom of God for the New Year.

Secondly, Esther’s true identity was revealed through the process of her “wrestling with God” for breakthrough.   Once that identity came to light, Esther stepped into a new level of authority and power.

Finally, because of Esther’s obedience, the Lord “cut off” the assignment to kill the Jews and instead, reversed the curse on Haman himself! 

God wants to kill off our Haman!  Each one of us has a gift that God has given us to bring forth His light and glory for the earth to see.  This is our purpose and the very uniqueness of who God made us to be.  But Satan wants to come and steal, kill, and destroy that purposed gift in us.  God wants to give us His wisdom on how to defeat the enemy whose assignment prevents us from entering into the fullness of our destiny. God wants to “cut off” anything that holds us back.  This is the month to fast and pray and seek His face for wisdom and strategy.  

We must know who our enemy is, and what He has written as an edict to stop us from living for the Lord.  Then we can recognize his moves and watch God annihilate the assignment, as we trust in Him.

This month the Hebrew calendar recognizes the three days Esther fasted, and Purim which is the celebration of the “overturn” and victory that came forth. The Lord wrote in the Book of Esther that Purim should not fail to be observed, and that the memory should not perish. We, who are adopted into the Hebrew heritage, should take time to remember the victory that Purim represents as well and the power of God’s delivering hand over the enemy. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yes, He is the one who triumphs over evil.

I pray you come out of this month FREE to move ahead into the New Year with a remnant of believers who are also preserved for such a time as this.

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