One of the blessings of the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the world has been awakening to the Deep State that has been governing many nations for years, including America.  It has been reported recently that 74% of American’s now believe that there is a Deep State working behind the scenes to destroy our freedom, liberty, and constitution that sets us apart from every other nation.  

I don’t know about you, but after doing some research and critical thinking over the past 15 months, the “mystery of Babylon and lawlessness” has become clearly more evident, and we are learning how big these false narratives are, including mind control through media, government, education, science, and medicine. In this month of IYAR, I hope God is revealing His strategies to overcome.

Having also learned that the Deep State does not necessarily hide their agenda, but creates media narratives, movies, and television shows to telegraph what they are doing or are planning, I can’t help but now see blatantly “staged news narrative.”  For example, the news reported that the first person in the world to get the vaccine was a man named William Shakespeare….Really?  No coincidence that William Shakespeare opens up his monologue, “

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”

Many of us are just now learning that the Deep State media has fed us news, movies, and information that they want us to believe is truth and we are learning we have been living in one huge false narrative.  Recently I was led to watch the 1998 movie the Truman Show. which is a good picture of the world we have lived in.  I had seen when it came out, and I have since found myself caught thinking about this movie quite often.  

The Truman Show is a movie about a man who is held captive inside a fake world that revolves around him. Truman Burbank, the main character has been raised on a huge TV Soundstage filled with hidden cameras and actors who pretend to be his friends and family.  Not only that, Truman was bought by a corporation at birth, so he was considered “property” or an “asset” his whole life.  

The world audience bought in to this live show, which fed the profits. And each character in the set played a role in Truman’s life BUT used to advertise a product to generate money ( much like many corporations feeding the Deep State agenda).  

The creator and director of the show who was in charge didn’t have any compassion for Truman.  He was driven by money and ratings and to find ways to keep the delusion alive. 

When Truman had moments, he would veer to the edge of waking up and discovering the truth, the director would find a new way to provoke Truman from taking steps toward discovery.  The greatest tactic was FEAR.  The director was able to manipulate the weather and create storms, so he created a scene in which Truman and his dad are out on a boat and get caught in a storm which leads to his father’s death.  This created a fear in Truman to never want to get near water and explore…trapped by fear he was immobile and left to settle into his routine.

Why I am sharing this is the uncanny parallels this movie is to what we are experiencing today…We have been living in a world stage that the Deep State has designed. But Truman started getting glimpses of the truth just as we all are, and he started searching to find answers.   Once he began to put the pieces together, the truth became bigger than the lie which caused him to push past his fears and get out of the stronghold/world that he was forced to be in. Truman finally faced his fears and used the very thing that was his own personal stronghold:  the water and the sailboat. 

The director discovered him in the boat and caused a severe storm that almost caused him to die.  (Isn’t that like the enemy to come against us the hardest in the place we can make the greatest change and impact in our destiny that the world is waiting for.) Somehow Truman held on with his life to the boat and that will break the director instead of the director breaking Truman.  The boat then hit the edge of the sky set which tore and shattered the illusion of the sky once and for all.   Now before Truman for the first time was a set of stairs he could SEE that led to freedom.  All he had to do is walk up the stairs and out the door of the set.  But of course, with one last attempt, the voice of the director (enemy) comes to seduce Truman into staying.  Truman was caught between two worlds now:  fear or faith, falsehoods or truth, slavery or freedom.  Truman chose to step into the unknown world that promised truth and freedom.

Once Truman stepped out of the set, the world rejoiced (Much like the heroes of faith who are with the LORD right now in heaven who are cheering us all on to continue walking in truth and stepping out in boldness.) 

The “tru-man” inside of us all should watch this movie.  Truth does cause the false narratives that have kept us captive to crumble and set us free.  But we are called to follow the truth teller inside of us all who is leading us to explore the falsehoods and bring it back to His Word.  As we gather intel from the month of IYAR, God is going to give us His provision to stand and step into His truth. Provision is released in the next month of Sivan. 

Within each of us is the call to fight for freedom.  The Truman story ends the same way God’s story does:  Freedom comes with a cost. The tru-man in us all wins when we choose to partner with the Holy Spirit and allow God’s word to be our compass and His spirit to lead us and guide us in and out of the boat toward freedom.

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