There are two Hebrew Covenant Calendars below for 2021/2022. The first one is determined by the exact lunar moon schedule. Most people will be observing the first calendar dates. The second one is written to account for the time when the moon was spotted, then the Trumpet blew signifying the new moon had been spotted, and time allotted to when they would actually celebrate at sundown.

The second calendar is true to scriptural protocol. In the time we are living, we are able to know the exact time when there is a new moon because of technology. However, in the Old Testament Days, the naked eye could not see the new moon for a few hours until it finally peaked out from behind the sun to reveal itself. This is why these dates are listed in the second calendar.

God has begun to open the eyes of the Saints to know that these divinely appointed times to rest and honor the LORD are important to Him, as well as a KEY to understanding God’s time and redemption story. These “HOLY DAYS” bind us together in UNION with the LORD and each other. They are dates God chooses to be intimate with His people and to be His SIGN (WITNESS) to the world that He is the one true God and His Son is the REDEEMER!

Last year, the blessing of the shutdown of COVID-19 was that it created a global awareness of the Feasts, and online, many joined in heart to celebrate them. Join the many celebrating PASSOVER this year as we will honor the LORD as the one who was our Sacrificial Lamb and the power of His blood over the doorposts of our hearts.

As a side note, it may be a good idea to pray over the doors of your household as well and ask the LORD for His blood to cover you as we continue to go through difficult times as a nation. I know some people even put red ribbons on their front doors last year. It is important to take time this year to honor Passover with family and friends.

If you would like a copy of the Royal Feasts book, please let me know and I will mail a copy to you.

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