A SIGN of hope for the remnant for those who have an ear to hear is the “return to space” launching happening today at 3:22 pm at Cape Canaveral in the midst of chaos and crisis within the cities because of COVID-19 and the recent riots.  50/50 chance it would go due to the lightning storms and winds that are looming close by.  However, it looks as though it will go now.  SpaceX Rocket has never flown humans before, so this is historic.

The SIGN is a witness of the promise that God has given us in the “latter days” that we will receive our glorified bodies and will enter into the heaven’s throne before the Lord face to face and then able to come back to earth and be used for His service to administer righteousness, justice, and truth in the earth during the Millenium reign with the King of kings. (1 Cor. 15:51-58; Rev. 14).

The Fall Feasts will be the timing of this promise released, beginning with the Feast of Trumpets.  Which year we do not know, however, we are called right now to “BE READY!”  (Matt. 25:1-13).

All of the 3 corporate feasts this year are historic (Lev. 23)!  Passover was celebrated all over the globe by Christians who united through Zoom and other social media outlets to gather and pray during the COVID-19 “plague.”  This was a historical union of God’s people coming together in His appointed day, and the power of unity and the body of Christ abiding in God’s headship, His divine appointment, and a SIGN that the Holy Spirit is moving.

The Feast of Pentecost comes tomorrow, the day after the SpaceX is launched.  I believe we will experience an outpouring of God’s glory that produces a supernatural rest within the believer’s spirit, soul, and body.  It will produce within the remnant the “fear of the Lord” in a great measure (Is.11:2).  Meanwhile, the riots and fires and lawlessness abounds and the news is reporting 40 cities will participate in this movement that has been triggered and planned strategically by those who are in covenant with an antichrist agenda.

“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.  But he who endures to the end shall be saved (Matt. 24:12,13).

Elon Musk, the creator of SpaceX, is a huge shift and SIGN as this is outside of government made rockets to the private sector.  Rocket 9 Dragon (9 being the number for birthing and gifts of spirit) Falcon is a “commercial rocket made for profit by young boys and girls.”  The bureaucracy, cost, and control is out of our governmental hands.  This in itself is a sign as the rocket is FREE to FLY without corrupt Babylonian structures strangling its ability to go into orbit.

Let’s look at the TIME as a SIGN.  3  is the number of divine fullness and perfection.  It symbolizes the trinity and the completion of the presence of the triune God, and a sign He is in it.  22 is the number that symbolizes “sonship” or the “sons of light.”  All of creation is groaning for the revealing of the sons of light in the earth:

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God (Rom. 8:19).  

Let’s look at the date:  5-30-20.  5 is the number of grace and mercy.  30 is the number representing dedication to rulership.  Jesus began His ministry at the age of 30.  And 20 is the number for redemption.  Is God’s whole heart to redeem mankind and His creation?  I say yes, and He will use the remnant to help Him during the Millenium.

The destructive pattern that comes at the time when God is moving forward with His promise has proven to be true throughout all of the scriptures.  An “edict” is launched by the spirit of anti-christ prior to God stepping in and releasing His power and promise to be fulfilled as prophesied.  It happened in the days of Pharaoh.  It happened in the days of Herod.  And it is happening now.

The enemy always launches an edict to kill, steal, and destroy the SEED that carries His promise forward.  However, God is always one step ahead and has a remnant prepared to perfect the promise.  He had Moses hidden in a basket.  He had Jesus taken to Egypt.  He is having the remnant hidden out of the church structures as they have been equipped for such a time as this.

The remnant that is hidden at this hour is about to ARISE and become God’s solution at this hour.  We are at WAR!  The remnant is charged at this hour not to sit on the sidelines viewing what is transpiring.  The remnant is called at this hour to enlist heaven’s help and to intercede for heaven’s help to invade the earth.  We need the angelic army to come alongside and come to our aid as we resist the enemy and stand for righteousness.

Noah was divinely warned by God, and prepared an ark (Heb. 11:7).  The judgment was at hand, yet God had a plan to save Noah and his family.  It was up to Noah to step out in faith and obedience.  The ark was an ark of obedience.  I urge all of you to listen to God’s instructions.  Each individual of the remnant has a role to play and is vital to the health and welfare of the remnant as a whole.  Obey whatever God is instructing you to do at this hour.  It had never rained on the earth prior to Noah building the ark.  It didn’t make sense with a logical mind.  But the logical mind cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit.  So follow the leading of the Spirit of God, and trust God will honor His word to protect and provide peace in the midst of this transition.



  1. Stacey this is revelatory! Interestingly I was awakened at 2:16 last night to intercede. You were Both in the company I prayed for. It was a rising and fire fire fire of Yahweh. And releasing many angels and Host to fulfill the almighty plans and purposes of Yahweh upon the earth.

    I now understand it was about Pentecost!


    Deanna Austin http://www.SophiasTreasures.com



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