Sanhedrin to Resume Animal Sacrifices in Israel

There are a lot of events happening around the world to alert us to the changes coming up ahead and the signs of the times we live in to prepare our hearts and to warn us to be prepared for Lord’s return.  But I wanted to share these two links that have captured my heart.

The first one is the event happening on September 25-27th, 2019.  The emerging “Organization of 70 Nations” are being invited to join the Sanhedrin on Mount Olives to reinstate the animal sacrifices and to adhere to the “Noahic laws.”

Our eyes should be watching what is happening with this for sure as it is a sign God warned us about before His return. If the nations join and agree to this reinstating the animal sacrifices, it will be the nations rejection of what Jesus did to redeem ALL of God’s Covenant’s for man and creation through His sacrifice on the cross.

The spirit of anti-christ is always looking for ways to nullify the work on the cross.  But most importantly for today, that spirit of anti-christ is working to gather nations to reject the cornerstone of Christianity because Christ is coming back to judge the nations.  Satan is working hard to get nations to align with his strategy through the ideology of unity, peace, and acceptance of all religions.

The second link is a prophetic sign of encouragement to the remnant God has been preparing who will receive their glorified bodies and reign with Christ in the Millennium. This article seems to be SIGN that we are getting closer to that day.

Here is a lot of the article written on “Breaking Israel News” website:

“Now let me return to our walking tour through the City of David. We listened to AnaRina Heymann give an insightful and eye-opening message about the City of David on Monday morning. She shared that the City of David as it remains today is literally “outside” the Old City walls and it can speak to us to “think outside the box”.  There has been a 2800 year disconnect from this place for the Ten Tribes/Northern Kingdom/House of Israel and a 2,000-year disconnect for the Jews/Southern Kingdom/House of Judah. 

The city of David was built on a Tel close to a water source, the Gihon spring. In ancient times, there was a secret tunnel leading to this fortified pool/cistern, which was the City of David’s main water source. This water source (Gihon spring) was OUTSIDE of the walls of the city of David, so the underground tunnel allowed residents access to the water even if they were under enemy attack.J

Anna and I took the “dry route” of Hezekiah’s tunnel that led to this “outside the city walls secret cistern of life giving water.


When we finally came all the way through the downward descent of this tunnel, we came out into a neighborhood, and we completed our walk by ending up at the pool of Siloam:

We sat on the stone steps of the pool for some time, cooling down from the long walk in the heat of the day.

We then walked down to the end of the pool and a man approached us. Little did I know that this was truly a divine appointment orchestrated by the God of Israel!

He spoke to us. It turned out that he has been a tour guide of Jerusalem for more than 20 years and he was on a “break”. He showed us some murals that had been painted showing what the pool might have looked like when fully functioning and restored:

He explained to us that this was the pool where the people would come to “mikvah” (or immerse) before ascending to the Temple for Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot!Then the real hidden treasure and mystery was revealed to us. The tour guide pointed out some stone steps to our left. He said, “You see those stone steps? They lead right up to the Temple Mount. After the people would mikvah here at the pool of Siloam, they would then ascend these stone steps up to the Temple.”

He went on to explain that the Jews had been excavating these steps for many years and that the steps would soon be open to the public in a few months…….In the excavating of these stone steps leading up to the Temple, there seems to me to be a revealing of a deeper spiritual truth…..   Perhaps God’s hand is making a way to birth a greater vision for a restored Temple…even in the hearts of Christians throughout the Nations.

This find by the archeologists was revealed at God’s appointed time.  It is not a coincidence it has been hidden all these years.  God wants to establish it as His prophetic sign of what He will do up ahead when Jesus returns.  The remnant’s temple (body) will be cleansed and set free from sin and death, then go up “Jacob’s Ladder (stairs)” to stand before the throne and meet the Lord.

Something to look forward to!


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