Ammee Huzil shares her painting of the month of Nisan/Judah

Tonight, April 5th, we enter into the Hebrew Covenant Calendar with PRAISE!  For those of you who have a Firstfruits/Calendar Journal, I asked Ammee Huzil to paint the heart of the meaning of the month of Nisan, which is associated with the tribe of Judah.  Then I asked her to share her process with us.  Enjoy the following:

I knew when I started to think about this painting that I wanted to paint a lion, and I knew I wanted to paint worship. I could see in my mind this Lion of the tribe of Judah and Proverbs 28:1 says that “the righteous are bold as a lion.”
I also saw a warrior and a dancer, for in battle, Judah went first (I think) and our worship is the front line for all the battles we face in life.
I also saw Jesus; He is our lamb AND our lion, and He is the way to life and victory.
So I wanted to paint that victory, but also capture the tentative expectancy that we are all experiencing this side of eternity. “For now we see in part, but soon with unveiled faces we will see him.”
For inspiration I literally just typed in “Tribe of Judah” into Youtube and allowed the music to paint through me.  Two songs in particular stood out:
Lion of Judah by Jason Upton:
and People Get Ready by Misty Edwards:
I encourage you to listen to them both!
It also took me down this bizarre road (as sometimes YouTube does) of Hebrew worship music, which was quite amazing and I leave you with this song as well:  It’s a version of How Great is Our God sung in Hebrew and english (!!)
This painting was an exercise AND expression of my Faith at the same time. Thank you for asking me to stretch myself!
Ammee Huzil
For anyone who wants to look at the Firstfruits Journal Calendar, click on the link below. Calendar to troubleshoot – copy

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