A Look into the New Hebrew Year 5778:

Let me begin by summarizing this Hebrew year of 5778, translating it into English to mean something like this: “God’s Eye is upon His Chosen People, those who have learned through tests and trials how to “abide” in His Word, whom are now going to birth forth (new beginnings) as His “Crowned Ones” with His resurrection power.”

Now, l would like to break it down into a little more detail. The first two numbers, 57, means “God’s eye.” This part of the meaning stays the same each year until we reach the Hebrew year 5800.

The last two numbers of 5778, 7 and 8, we need to examine separately first, and then together as they will give us clues of the significance of this New year in particular.

7 is the number that represents blessing, and the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ZAYIN. This letter is translated as a crowned weapon, and spiritually speaking refers to one anointed (Christ and Christ-ians) with the sword of the spirit; the WORD. Individuals who are abiding in God’s Word and have learned to use it as a weapon of warfare are crowned with God’s blessing. Many times the training for this weapon is learned through the sufferings that teach us obedience to trust God at His Word, period! However, after the test comes the blessings. Expect to see blessings in the areas that have been dried up because the testing has come to a time of completion.

The 7th letter also signifies completion, which I believe we have completed the Pentecost Age (Church Age), and we are crossing over into the Tabernacles Age. What did God say to Joshua before he was called to cross over the Jordan? “Moses is dead.” Billy Graham dying was one sign of the death of this past age that had to happen before the Lord’s time to cross over into the Tabernacles Age. The nation of Israel turning 70 is also a sign because 70 is an appointed time of judgment. God has given us many SIGNS in the sky to warn or signal us of this shift with the blood moons and eclipses. This crossing over is more of an individual shift that is linked to a corporate kingdom blueprint, not just an individual shift alone. Nations will be moved toward Christ or away from Christ’s righteousness.

David was anointed when he was young, yet did not take the throne until years later after many trials while serving King Saul. Many who have been tested as David will arise from out of the oppression and hidden places. You know, the ones called “outcasts.” The ones the world says are of no value because they lack a title, platform or finances. The ones who have kept believing in the Promises but have not seen any come to pass.The ones kicked out of churches because of the doctrines of men, or rejected by family. And like David, they have had to endure an assassination assignment that Satan executed through the gates of jealousy, envy and pride.

Those who had the character like Saul caused many of God’s remnant to flee for safety after having suffered awhile. But in the hidden places and spaces, just like David, God prepared these outcasts to handle a kingship authority that they would be responsible for up ahead. When King Saul died, the oppression lifted, and God’s anointed could take their rightful positions of influence and authority. This too is in part of what is birthing forth.

Nations who have been under the oppression of the “Mystery of Babylon” will find that oppression break, and emerge out of it’s stranglehold.

Now lets look at 8. The eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is CHET. When the blood of the Passover lamb was placed upon the doorposts and lintel of each Hebrew home, that blood formed the shape of this letter Chet; which was synonymous with life, and eternal life through the sacrifice of Christ.

Eight is also the number for new beginnings. It was the eighth day (or first day of the week) Jesus rose from the dead. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and “LIVED” and because of him, 8 souls were saved through the flood.

God established a covenant with Abraham on eight occasions. Babies who were circumcised on the 8th day were a SIGN of the Abrahamic Covenant. David, the King of Israel, was the 8th son of his father, Jesse. When the temple was restored after the Babylonian exile, the outer area was consecrated for 8 days, and another 8 days were spent consecrating the inside. The Feast of Tabernacles, which anticipates the beginning of the Millennium is observed for 8 days.

When we put 7 and 8 together, we have a crowned one who is a weapon in the Lord’s hand because he walks in TRUTH (the sword of the spirit) and through a sanctification and wrestling process, has come to rest in the finished work of the cross because of grace. This then produces a new season, a new beginning, a FIRSTFRUITS REMNANT birthing forth out of the hidden place and into the light. NEW LIFE IS BIRTHED FORTH AND THE REMNANT REST IN AN ABIDING STRENGTH AND AUTHORITY THAT GIVES THEM POWER AND AN ABILITY TO BREAK FORTH OUT OF THE GRAVE AND INTO GOD”S RESURRECTION POWER!

It’s a supernatural thing when God releases HIS TIME to begin. If you have tried to do something God has put in your heart to do, and you finally ran out of strength trying, this year God will breathe new life into you. This is a corporate shift, so your passion and dream is connected to a remnant moving in a corporate blueprint God has designed. In it, we all take our positions and move this enormous unity wheel which takes dominion back to the King of Kings. So many of God’s remnant are tired and limping along without any more strength. They have finally come to a place of letting go and realizing ONLY God can get the glory if something changes. NOW you are poised for the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow you across the Jordan and into the Promises of God. And God gets ALL the glory because you know that you know it could ONLY be because God did it.

Jesus knew His appointed time to die. All throughout the Gospels, He repeated that it wasn’t His time. But when it was His time to die, He knew it and declared it. IT IS GOD’S TIME FOR HIS REMNANT TO ARISE!

I am truly believing that those who are reading this will experience that resurrection power in their hearts, mind’s and body and the Promises of God that seemed dead and done will SUDDENLY break forth….IT’S HIS TIME!

Blessings to YOU ALL THIS YEAR!

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