Praise Rings in the New Year..Passover Brings Release!

Azusa Now and United Cry were just two big events that rang in the Hebrew New Year from the east to the west coast of America. There is no coincidence that these two events alone were scheduled on Firstfruits and on the first day of the Hebrew New Year. The tribe of Judah associated with this month, trumpets forth praise to declare war, and to move out under God’s Command. Seeds were sown! Both events highlighted did just that!

We will see a significant shift this year that will shake foundations hidden in the church and out in the world. Even in the political arena, the foundations are being shaken on both sides. The landscape has shifted, and a new divide will be seen. As the enemy has waged war against God’s people, the King of Kings, our Lord of Sabaoth, has charged His army to UNITE under His Command. ONE is the Word God has written on His heart for us to reflect.

God has a remnant that will emerge this year that has been hidden over the years, but prepared for this coming season. The religious spirit will clash with this new movement. The spirit of offense will be elevated into new heights, even amongst the body of Christ. We must guard our hearts and know that vengeance is the Lord’s and not ours to step into. We can murder people with our tongues, and mirror the enemy defending our religious beliefs. But God is requiring us to go up higher and trust in His process, and rest in His peace. He is calling us all to war with His silver swords…a sword of the spirit that has a new governing authority for NOW.

Passover is up ahead on April 22 and goes through the 30th. This is a significant time of the separation, and the release that God has promised for the remnant. Prepare yourself to move out into the new beginnings. Let go of the Old……And Praise the Lord for His deliverance and protection.

“Blessed is the man You instruct, O Lord, and teach out of Your law, That You may give him rest from the days of adversity.” Psalm 94:12

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