There are two Hebrew Covenant Calendars below for 2021/2022. The first one is determined by the exact lunar moon schedule. Most people will be observing the first calendar dates. The second one is written to account for the time when the moon was spotted, then the Trumpet blew signifying the new moon had been spotted, and time allotted to when they would actually celebrate at sundown.

The second calendar is true to scriptural protocol. In the time we are living, we are able to know the exact time when there is a new moon because of technology. However, in the Old Testament Days, the naked eye could not see the new moon for a few hours until it finally peaked out from behind the sun to reveal itself. This is why these dates are listed in the second calendar.

God has begun to open the eyes of the Saints to know that these divinely appointed times to rest and honor the LORD are important to Him, as well as a KEY to understanding God’s time and redemption story. These “HOLY DAYS” bind us together in UNION with the LORD and each other. They are dates God chooses to be intimate with His people and to be His SIGN (WITNESS) to the world that He is the one true God and His Son is the REDEEMER!

Last year, the blessing of the shutdown of COVID-19 was that it created a global awareness of the Feasts, and online, many joined in heart to celebrate them. Join the many celebrating PASSOVER this year as we will honor the LORD as the one who was our Sacrificial Lamb and the power of His blood over the doorposts of our hearts.

As a side note, it may be a good idea to pray over the doors of your household as well and ask the LORD for His blood to cover you as we continue to go through difficult times as a nation. I know some people even put red ribbons on their front doors last year. It is important to take time this year to honor Passover with family and friends.

If you would like a copy of the Royal Feasts book, please let me know and I will mail a copy to you.


God proclaimed to Moses in Ex. 12:2 that the Hebrew Covenant Calendar New Year was to begin with the month of Nisan, which will be March 13th/14th at sundown. Nisan means “to take flight,” so it was appropriately named since this was the month the children of Israel took flight from the captivity of Egypt and journeyed through the Red Sea to Mt. Sinai.

Nisan is associated with the tribe of Judah. Judah means “praise.” God called for “PRAISE” to go first into their “flight” from Mt. Sinai to the Promised Land (Numbers 10). When the trumpet was blown twice, signifying it was time for all the tribes camped around the Ark of the Covenant to journey on, Judah was given the leadership position of moving out first.  Judah was also the first tribe to cross the Jordan, and first to be allotted land in the Promised Land (Numbers 14.) This month is known for FIRSTS!

In Genesis 49:10, we read the prophetic destiny that Jacob spoke concerning the tribe of Judah in the latter days.  “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and to Him shall be the obedience of the people.” 

Judah was destined to carry the Messianic ruler ship (scepter), which we can see documented in Matthew 1 that traces the lineage of Judah.  Jesus was born out of this tribe when he came to earth to be our Savior, and He will return as our King of Kings. This month is significant to His “kingship” and stepping forward under His command to take “dominion.”

Judah was also responsible for making sure the “tablets of covenant/testimony” were safely passed down from generation to generation until Jesus came.  The “Torah (first 5 books of the bible) was canonized during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah during the 7th year of King Artaxerxes.  Ezra and Nehemiah were both a part of the House of Judah. When Jesus died and gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, the law was then written on all of our hearts.  This is when the obedience of the people then became unto HIM (Jesus the King).

Judah had a notable flaw in his character that was difficult to overcome; the love of money.  In Genesis 37, we read the story of how Judah and his brothers decided to kill Joseph because they were jealous of their Father’s love and favoritism toward him.  After conferring, they decided to throw him in a pit to die.  But Judah later assessed the situation and said, “What profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal his blood?” (Gen. 37:26).

Judah’s first interest was in making a profit!  He suggested to sell Joseph, and made a bargain with the Midianite traders who agreed to purchase him for twenty silver coins.  As time went by, the guilt weighed on Judah over the years, and his repentant heart made him respond differently to his brother in need. This time, instead of bargaining for profit, Judah pleas with Joseph for his brother Benjamin, offering to sacrifice his own life (Gen. 44:14-34).

Judas (Greek for Judah) Ischariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, also had this same weakness in his character that caused him to break God’s Commandments.  The Bible reveals his greedy heart in John 12:5 when Judas cannot understand why Mary poured costly fragrant oil on Jesus instead of selling the oil and giving it to the poor.  The scriptures go on to say in verse 6, “This he (Judas) said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief and had the money box, and he used to take what was put in it.”

It wasn’t too long until we read about Judas betraying Jesus by making a bargain with the religious leaders for 30 silver coins (Mark 14:10,11). In both cases, the stronghold of the need for wealth was more powerful than family ties or intimate relationships. Judas, however, ends up taking his own life because of the guilt he bore in betraying Jesus.  

Jesus tells us how difficult the struggle is for those who have a gift to profit once they have accumulated wealth for self-gain. “Assuredly I say to you that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.  And again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Matt. 19:23,24). 

Looking around the financial world today, many Jews are the world’s top financiers and control many of the banks, including the Federal Reserve. Left to selfish gain, they have been used to set up a world money system that is corrupt and never satisfied.  But when Judah can submit to God’s headship, their gift can benefit the advancement of the Kingdom of God, especially in helping visions “take flight.”

There were three tribes, Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun, who were positioned around the Tabernacle on the east side to form a branch.  Judah’s banner of the lion represented this branch, and it was these tribes who worked together to move the whole army out when the Lord’s cloud by day and pillar of fire moved.  Judah was chosen to “sound the alarm!”

Starting with Nisan, we enter into the “spring season” with the Lord. This season has a pattern for new beginnings; new seeds to plant, new alliances, and new battles arise during this season.  Kings go to war, praise leads the way, and the authority of Judah sets the foundation. Coming out of the “winter” rest and revelation season guides and directs the movement of the Hebrew year beginnings.  Also, coming full circle in the “winter” season lends itself to the new doors opening up.

This month also honors God’s redemption plan as we celebrate and remember the Spring Feasts of Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of Firstfruits (Lev.23).  All of these Feasts were a blueprint of how Jesus would fulfill God’s Covenant promises of redemption and reconciliation.  As we read the New Testament, Jesus fulfilled these Feasts completely through His death and resurrection (Luke 23,24).  Fifty days later, He fulfilled the final Spring Feast, Pentecost, when He sent the Holy Spirit (Acts 2).  

When Jesus rose from the dead, He presented Himself as the “FIRSTFRUITS” offering unto the Father in heaven.  Judah goes FIRST as Son of Man, and Son of God!  In doing so, Jesus made a way for heaven to come to earth in Holiness, and for a people (harvest) to be presented to the Father after He returns.  Thankfully, He sent the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of His return (2 Cor. 1:22).

God gave us a key this month to individual intimate relationship with the Lord: REPENTANCE.Humbling ourselves under the Lord of Hosts (the one who rules over the armies of heaven and earth) connects and keeps us under HIS COVERING!  PASSOVER WILL BE SIGNIFICANT TO HONOR THIS YEAR! (It may be a good idea this year to pray over your home, anoint the door with oil, and put a red ribbon on your door after you pray for God’s protection to cover your household.)

Through some of the Israelite Kings, such as Jehoshaphat, we can see the power of repentance and humility. Jehoshaphat understood complete dependence on seeking the Lord for His leadership. The minute he turned to the Lord, God gave him strategy, strength, and victory.

In 2 Chronicles 20, we read about Jehoshaphat’s humility as he seeks the Lord when the odds were up against his army. “And Jehoshaphat feared, and set himself to seek the Lord, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah” (2 Chron. 20:3).

God gave Jehoshaphat a strategy of winning the war through praise.  Jehoshaphat asked the worshippers to go before His army, and this opened heaven to help him overcome in time of need.“Now when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; and they were defeated (2 Chron. 20:22).

The landscape of seeing the kingdom of heaven here on the earth will shift ahead through the praises of God’s people.

This first month, above all else, God wants us to praise Him.  PRAISE HIM as you take flight! PRAISE HIM as you go into battle! PRAISE HIM because you have been CHOSEN to rule and reign in Him! PRAISE HIM for “FIRSTS!”  Your praise will spring you forward into the New Year! 


On Saturday, February 13th at sundown, we begin the twelfth and last month of the Hebrew calendar known as ADAR. In Hebrew, the word Adar means “strength.” God’s desire is that His people finish each year strong IN HIM so they receive a new dimension of blessing, mantle, and identity to enter in the New Year. This may require us all to put our “JOY ON” as we wrestle God for these “new clothes.”

It is interesting that this month is linked with the tribe of Naphtali. The name Naphtali in Hebrew means, “to struggle and wrestle forward.” Naphtali’s wrestle is to conquer and win the victory with the partnership of the Lord. Rachel named him Naphtali because of her own struggles to give birth. “ With great wrestling’s I have wrestled with my sister, and indeed I have prevailed.” (Gen. 30:8).

Naphtali’s father, Jacob, wrestled with the Lord as well. When Jacob was finally willing to let go of His IDOLS and grab hold of the Lord only, his wrestling changed history forever for himself, his family, and countless of multitudes that have now inherited God’s covenant promise. However, in the midst of Jacob’s struggle, the Lord touched the socket of his hip, making it difficult for Jacob to finish in his own strength. Jacob had to exercise faith to cling to the Lord alone (something that his muscles had not been accustomed to doing), and in the final hour Jacob says, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!” (Gen. 33:26)

There comes a point in all of our lives that our greatest efforts, gifts and talents can only get us by so far. If we want to cross the finish line of our God given destiny, we all need to go through the wrestling of submission to let go of control while we cling to God alone.  This wrestling chooses to die to a life independent of God. America and the church are going through this process right now. WE are who God is waiting for and allowing these shakings so we CLING to Him.

Before Jacob died, he prophesied over the tribe of Naphtali these words: “Naphtali is a deer let loose; he uses beautiful words.” The word “loose” comes from the Hebrew word shalach meaning, “to send away, cast away, to cast out, conduct, forsake, leave, let depart, push away.”

I believe this prophetic word speaks to us today as God wants us to “loose” idolatry, cast out the old, forsake the things that hold us back, push away the stumbling blocks, and spring forward into new freedom that God wants us to possess. This comes out of humility that always produces a blessing! “By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honor and life.” Prov. 22:4

The expression, “let loose” has the implication of one who has escaped from the hunter.Deer are beautiful animals created to be free. If you have a gift of Naphtali, you never want to be in bondage. Freedom is the lifeline, and trying to tie down anyone with this gift is difficult because they are not meant to have any chains around their necks.

In Judges 4:6, we can read about one hero of Naphtali named Barak who worked with Deborah the judge to set God’s people free. This tribe was not typically known among the tribes as warriors. They were a part of the brigade with Dan and Asher in the rear guard, so they were not called to the front lines of battle. This is evident when Deborah confronted Barak why he wasn’t listening to the Lord who had commanded him to deploy troops against the enemy. Barak requested that Deborah assist him with this task because he didn’t feel he could do it alone. Barak wasn’t concerned with rank or women in the game plan. He just needed to find a way to obey the Lord only.

The symbol of the tribe of Naphtali is a deer. There is one interesting thing about deer that we need to consider for this month. A deer has no gall bladder. The gall bladder is an interesting part of the anatomy. The gall bladder is a membranous sac attached to the liver, in which excess bile is stored and concentrated. Bile is the bitter, yellow-brown or greenish fluid secreted by the liver. It is discharged into the duodenum and aids in digesting, especially fats. Bile produced and stored is like bitterness that is produced from an angry and jealous heart.

The beauty of Naphtali is that this tribe has the characteristic of one whom carries NO BITTERNESS! And because of that, “beautiful words come out of Naphtali’s mouth. “ God’s word says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matt.12:34). This is a good month to examine what kind of communication is coming out of our mouth so we see what is in our heart. It is also a good month to communicate God’s heart and strategy for the New Year.

God says in Hebrews 12:14,15 “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without no one will see the Lord; looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness, springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled.” This month, I believe this is a time to reflect on the issues that lie deep within the heart and to “cast off” any bitterness, even bitterness toward ourselves, so we can enter into the joy of the Lord.

Moses also prophesies over this tribe before he dies in Deut. 33:23. “O Naphtali, satisfied with favor, and full of blessing of the Lord, possess the west and the south.” Because Naphtali represents a pure heart, the favor of God is with this tribe to bless them. True intercessors, a characteristic of this tribe, are one’s with a pure heart, willing to lay their life down and stand in the gap for all, even the wicked.

Moses says to Naphtali to “possess the west and the south.” The west speaks of the land that lay to the west of Naphtali, which was the Mediterranean Sea. It was the gateway to new lands and new adventures. This is symbolic of “entering into the New Year through the gateway God opens to a new year of adventure with Him.”

The south speaks of the pleasant things, which lie at the foot of Naphtali. It was the southern coast of Naphtali that Jesus preached most of His life. That was the sea coast of Galilee, and the town of Capernaum. The Sermon on the Mount was preached in the land blessed for Naphtali, in which Jesus said, “Blessed are those….”

Adar is the twelfth month, and twelve is the number for “government.”  Jacob had twelve sons, and Jesus had twelve disciples. The first recorded words of Jesus in the New Testament were when He was 12 (Luke 2:42). 

Twelve symbolizes God’s power and authority as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation.  New Jerusalem has 12 gates and Christ’s bride in Revelation 12 wears a crown of 12 stars.  The Lord has a remnant of 12×12, totaling 144,000 that are marked as His.  Jesus is coming back with “government on His shoulders” to rule and reign (Is. 9:7).  We are being prepared to understand God’s government in heaven and on earth. 

Finally, I believe that this month of ADAR is key for the body of Christ. God has been calling on His people these past few years to get rid of their idols and to purify their hearts. The line in the sand has been revealed. God has been preparing His army to go into a GLOBAL season with Him. It is a season of preparing for His return, and it will require separation unto Him, and a willingness in the heart to say, “Not my will but yours.”

God is taking the masquerades off. We have been hidden for a time. Our identity has been hidden. Our gifting has been hidden. Our regional, and national calling has been hidden. Our blessings are coming. God is taking off the masquerade and we will be seen as a people identified as His. 

When it was God’s time, Esther’s true identity was revealed to the king. But that famous quote given to Esther when she was wrestling to step into that identity was, “For such a time as this.” It is for “such a time as this” we have all been called to understand His Covenant, His story, and His truth, and to walk accordingly in His plan!


If you have been waiting on God in the “hidden place,” this blog will encourage you.  I have titled it, “the final exchange” because this trade must take place before you launch into the call that is ahead.

The preparation process Moses went through is the example God put on my heart to exemplify this “final exchange.” After years of “training” in the wilderness as a shepherd, Moses had an encounter with God at Mount Horeb that shifted him from being a shepherd of sheep to a sheep of the great Shepherd.  His burning bush encounter released his kingdom covenant purpose of why the Lord made a way for Moses to escape the Hebrew baby death warrant. (Ex1,2).

During this encounter, the voice of “I AM” was instructing Moses how to shepherd the Hebrews (Israelites) to fulfill His prophetic promise He had given to Abraham:

“Then He said to Abram: ‘Know certainly that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and will serve them, and they will afflict them four hundred years.  And and also the nation whom they serve I will judge; afterward they call come out with great possessions” (Gen. 15:13-16).

God told Moses he was going to use him to bring deliverance to the Hebrews from the bondage of slavery, and to lead them to the mountain where God could establish a Covenant with the nation.  This wasn’t a small job, and neither is OUR part in what God is doing in the earth today.

Moses didn’t jump up and down right away with excitement.  I think the Moses prior to leaving Pharaoh’s palace would have had no reservation, and in his zeal, would have stood before Pharaoh in his own strength, mimicking Pharaoh’s leadership.  Evidence of this is when Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, and how he responded:

“So he looked this way and that way, and who he saw no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand” (Ex. 2:12).

Moses thought he had covered up this wrong, but some of the Hebrews saw what he did and exposed Moses.  Then Pharaoh found out, and wanted to kill him, which is why Moses fled to the wilderness.

We can sympathize with Moses as to why he would have some serious doubts that God had the right guy after considering his past.

Moses reply to the Lord was:

“Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt” (Ex. 3:11)?

And again,

“BUT suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, ‘The Lord has not appeared to you'” (Ex. 4:2).

The questions Moses asked initiated the process of the “final exchange.” Those questions obviously revealed doubts Moses had of what God wanted him to do.  But digging deeper, they revealed the shame Moses had deep within his soul that was speaking louder than God’s voice and convincing him he wasn’t good enough for the job.

The fear of introducing an idea and being ridiculed, laughed at, or belittled is the product of shame.  Beyond that comes the fear of failure or the fear of being wrong. 

Shame causes us to hide to save face, so he was probably thinking, Why would I go back to the place I lost face, position, and reputation?”  Why would I go back to the place I first failed, then killed, and fled?  I am pretty comfortable hidden here in Midian.”

God begins to address the shame with HIS ability to cover him and His solution:

“So the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”

Moses said, “A rod.”

And He said, “Cast it on the ground.” So he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from it. Then the Lord said to Moses, “REACH OUT your hand and take it by the TAIL” (and he reached out his hand and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand), “that THEY may believe that the Lord God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has appeared to you” (Ex. 4:2-5).

The minute Moses threw down the rod, he    allowed himself to be vulnerable with God.

The account tells us that when Moses saw the staff turn into a serpent, he ran from it.  The serpent revealed that which was hidden that could have hindered the call; exposing the weakness in Moses and the enemy. God was going to turn the weakness into a SIGN of His strength and power in Moses.

When God told Moses to REACH OUT and take it by the tail, he had to OVERCOME his initial fear and trust God would make a way to protect him.  Why I say this is because God did not tell him to take it by the neck, which is how you would render a snake powerless.  Instead, he told him to take it by the tail, which would show Moses that the serpent (enemy) could not triumph over him, even in his weakness.

Separation from the staff left Moses vulnerable and gave God permission to perfect the process for Moses to come to terms with what God was revealing, and to transform Moses’ dependency on God.  The healing began, but it took time to perfect wholly.  BUT IN THE PROCESS OF STEPPING OUT WITH THE “ROD”, COMPLETION WAS PERFECTED.

This transaction began a new pattern for Moses to overcome shame, and the key factor is that all Moses had to do in this “final exchange” was to REACH OUT when God called.   At the moment when the enemy (serpent) was manifesting, God’s OVERCOMING power was there the moment he went toward it.

God also used this sign because he knew that the Egyptian magicians would use their trickery to mimic His sign.  Moses would have total recall that God’s power was greater than Pharaoh’s at his first time up for bat, and this set a precedence for Moses to stand in faith every time Pharaoh refused to listen.

Moses saw his authority was not in his ability but in his availability to pick up the staff and use God’s authority as instructed.  Moses would use it to turn the Nile into blood, part the Red Sea, bring water out of a rock in the wilderness, and secure Israel’s victory in battle.

The second sign God gave Moses in this “final exchange” was when he asked him to “put your hand in your bosom” (Ex. 4:7).  When Moses took out his hand, it was leprous, and when God told him to put his hand back in his bosom, he pulled it out and it was restored.

This second sign revealed the promise of death to the flesh (shame) and life glorified as God’s SIGN to His people. God would not only restore Moses, but also the Covenant people of God.

These signs the Lord gave in response to Moses asking Him, “But suppose….” were for Moses first as we have discussed, but they were also a SIGN for the Hebrews later. They knew him a “prince of Egypt,” but he was returning as the “deliverer” they had been praying for.  Moses’ faith had to be greater in God than in the opinion or reaction of the Hebrews who would persecute and turn on him at one point in this process.

The Blue Letter Bible commentary says this:

“There was a real message in the first two signs. The first said, “Moses, if you obey Me, your enemies will be made powerless.” The second said “Moses, if you obey Me, your pollution can be made pure.” Doubts in each of these areas probably hindered Moses, and before those signs ministered to anyone else, they ministered to Moses. This is the pattern with all God’s leaders.”

So what are we to take away from this?  I believe the experiences the remnant has had of getting crushed by rejection, failure, persecution, and character assassination demand the “final exchange” prior to take off.

It is difficult to go forward with God’s instruction without our minds thinking about what happened in the past.  Some of us still have the heat of the consequences of our sinful choices still cooling off in God’s sanctification process. Moses probably remembered how he killed the Egyptian, which was then followed by, “How can God use me now?”

FEAR of falling (failing)….can loom in the back of our minds, and as we learn to surrender this fear through the sanctification process, God delivers us AT HIS APPOINTED TIME.  God’s Word says in Psalm 34:22:

“The Lord redeems the soul of His servants, And none of those who trust in Him shall be condemned.”

When it was God’s appointed time, He answered the prayers of the Hebrews, who had been asking the Lord to deliver them from evil:

“So God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And God looked upon the children of Israel and God acknowledged them” (Ex. 2:24).

In answering this prayer, GOD called Moses forth.  Moses wasn’t perfect when it was time to GO.  But God would equip Moses for the job, and deliver his soul from anything that would hinder him from fulfilling the call.  

Amazingly, this staff in our hands can be a serpent if it is not completely surrendered to the Lord. God knows what can destroy us, and so this “final exchange” is necessary so we can have faith in His instruction and enjoy His victory.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is the doubt in your mind that hinders you from stepping out fully in faith to what God has called you to do?
  2. Where is your comfort level of vulnerability?
  3. How do you protect these vulnerabilities and at what cost?
  4. What do you do when you feel emotionally exposed?
  5. How willing are you to take emotional risks?
  6. How do you behave when you feel uncomfortable or uncertain?
  7. Do you spend time and energy trying to make the uncertain certain?
  8. Do you use “crazy busy” as armor?  How?

(Questions from a great book called, “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown)

Finally, what are the “excuses?” Ask these questions in the next couple months of Adar, because as you do, you are entering into the process of the  “final exchange.”  

Quoting Brene Brown from her book:

“Vulnerability is not weakness, and the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure we face every day are not optional.  Our only choice is a question of engagement.  Our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose; the level to which we protect ourselves from being vulnerable is a measure of our fear and disconnection.”

Right before God is about to send us forth by His Spirit to conquer and do what He has destined us to do for Him, there is a weakness in us that God wants to govern.  He wants to ask us to surrender to His exchange. Hidden in our soul could be something we fear more than the Lord, and is the very place the “serpent” can deceive us, argue against God’s word, and cause the lie to become truth to our soul.  More importantly, the Lord loves us too much to not deal with this hidden sin that could destroy us later without recovery.

By the time we are called out to “GO,” as God gives His instruction, all of His servants must go through the “final exchange.” 

ADAR begins February 4th, and is the month in the Hebrew Covenant Calendar that means to be made honorable; glorious. (2 Chron. 5:19-21).  Praying you encounter His “final exchange” for you.


This Wednesday at sundown, January 13th, we enter into the eleventh month of the Hebrew calendar called “Shevat.”  This month is associated with the tribe of Asher, the eighth son of Jacob.  Asher means “happy” coming from the root word “ashar” which is translated: to be straight, level, right, to go forward, be honest, prosper, bless, guide, lead, and relieve.  Asher was known as a blessed tribe with land that produced many natural resources providing food and delicacies fit for a king.

Asher was known amongst the tribes to share their resources. In the Promised Land, Asher was located between Tyre and Carmel, which was some of the most fertile land in Canaan because it had low temperatures and much rainfall. Resources were a blessing, but Asher’s true happiness came from giving to others. “It is more blessed to give than receive.” (Acts. 20:35) With such an abundance of goods, Asher exported goods to supply to the other tribes and became known for its olive oil.

Jacob prophesied over Asher these words, “Bread from Asher shall be rich, and he shall yield royal dainties.” (Gen. 49:20) The Hebrew word for bread in this scripture is “lechem” and means “food you eat to obtain nourishment.”  In the natural, Asher was blessed with rich food fit for kings, but in the spirit, God is saying prophetically that the gift of Asher brings rich, strong meat (revelation) of God’s word.  Asher has a gift to pull out the treasures hidden in God’s Word.

 “Rich” can also be translated as “fat.”  The Hebrew word for fat is “shamen” and means “greasy, plenteous, oily and rich.”  Oil is typically symbolic of the Holy Spirit. The bread or “word” of Asher will not only be meaty, but richly anointed by the Holy Spirit! (The fruitful olive tree is actually the symbol for this tribe).

Moses further prophesies over Asher in Deut. 33:24 “Asher is most blessed of sons; let him be favored by his brothers, and let him dip his foot in oil.  Your sandals shall be iron and bronze; as your days, so shall your strength be.”

Asher “dips” or “plunges” his foot in oil is not a small prophetic word.  In order for Asher to fulfill his call, his foundation needs to be the “Word” and to spend time in the presence of “The Word” to share God’s revelation with His people. 

Psalm 1:1-3 describes Asher: “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful, but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he mediates day and night.  He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.”

Asher’s sandals being of iron and bronze describes the nature of his gifting.  Shoes of iron are God’s judgments, and the word God gives them to share can shake the world. Signs and wonders will follow!

The first miracle recorded in the gospels takes place in Cana of Galilee, where Jesus turned the water into wine. This land was the inheritance of Asher and the beginning of miraculous signs of provision. (John 2:1-11)  This land is also where Jesus revealed himself as the “bread of Life” which is symbolic of the gift Asher would share.

Matt 4:4 “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Bread is symbolic of the word of God.

 Anna, the prophetess from the New Testament, came from the tribe of Asher and was one of the first to recognize Jesus as the Savior when He was born.  Her faithfulness and dedication to serve the Lord for 84 years made her “fat” with God’s revelation about the Savior.

“Now there was one, Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher.  She was of a great age, and had lived with a husband seven years from her virginity, and this woman was a widow of about 84 years, who did not depart from the temple, but served God with fasting’s and prayers night and day.  And coming in that instant she gave thanks to the Lord, and spoke of Him to ALL those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem” (Luke 2:36-38).

In the Bible, Asher is spoken of by Moses as the most blessed of the sons and favored by his brothers.  This tribe was blessed with numerous children and lived in peace with all the other tribes.

Asher is set around the tabernacle on the north side between Dan and Naphtali.  These three tribes had the assignment of being the  “rear” guard and were generally not ones to be warriors in battle.  Avoiding battle when needed can be Asher’s weakness and downfall. Asher chose not to help during Israel’s national crisis when called to battle by Barak and Deborah. However, they did come when Gideon called as well as King Hezekiah.

God wants to reveal His Covenant in a “meaty” way so we can move in His heart ahead as the bride of Christ. Seek God’s presence and expect to receive His revelation.  He wants to bless you in this season of “rest” in knowing Him and why He created you!  God wants to revive and awaken your “roots” to be vibrant and alive in Him.  Rivers of living water shall flow through your roots system and spring forth life in areas that have appeared dead.  Expect to hear and see His oil! 

God is preparing us to sow the seeds of revelation He gives us this month when His spring season begins with Nisan.  Whatever the circumstances bring up ahead, His revelation will carry us through.

So the key this month is to REST and receive His anointed Word! And if you have the gift of Asher, God’s people need that “meaty” word!


While most people are prophesying and declaring 2021 will be a year of great deliverance and promise in the midst of the battle we face, I want to share what I see for the remnant these next three months: HIDDEN!

During the “rest season” of the Hebraic Covenant calendar, it is truly important to take time to listen to God’s instruction, revelation, and intel for how we are to walk into the new landscape that is ahead of us. Being “hidden” doesn’t mean we hide and don’t do anything. It means it’s not time to be seen and heard because we are to listen to the voice of GOD and get His intel. We may need to move in the “dark” and work behind the scenes before the lights come on and it’s time to GO WITH THE RIVER OF LIFE.

EVERYTIME God is about to shift His covenant promise forward in the earth, there is always an edict to kill, steal, and destroy those chosen to fulfill these promises through. An edict was issued in 2020 by the deep state agenda. It has come forth in many forms: COVID-19, vaccination, 5G, freedom restrictions. The list goes on.

The scriptures in Isaiah 26:20-21 also speaks into the year 2020 beginning in March with the COVID-19 lockdowns that continues on into 2021 until Passover:

“Come, my people, enter your chambers,
And shut your doors behind you;
Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment,
Until the indignation is past.
21 For behold, the Lord comes out of His place
To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
The earth will also disclose her [a]blood,
And will no more cover her slain” (Is. 26:20-21).

So let’s talk about the being hidden for three months:

During the days of Pharaoh’s power, the Hebrews continued to come underneath the slavery system yet the Lord prospered His covenant promise to multiply His Seed (people). What started as 70 who came to Goshen with the help of Joseph then multiplied into over 2 million by the time God’s deliverance was upon them. Even though God’s people were growing in numbers, their freedom was dwindling to the point they cried out to the LORD for His deliverance….And Moses was born.

“So the woman conceived and bore a son. And when she saw that he was a beautiful child, she hid him for three months” (Ex. 2:2).

God spared Moses (God’s deliverer and answer to His promise and the prayers of the people), from the edict of Pharaoh who issued a decree to kill all the Hebrew baby boys.

Then God kept Moses hidden for three months before sending down the Nile river.

The midwives in the days of Pharaoh were God’s brave heroes, going against the edict issued, as well as helping the male boys live and not die (Ex 1:15-22). This “midwife anointing” is present and an integral part of assisting in God’s plan to birth His redemption promises for America and the nations. Regardless of what “decrees” have been issued by governmental officials who represent the “American Pharaoh,” we must follow God’s voice and obey what He says.

The Hebrew nurses in the days of Pharaoh’s reign also helped keep the “secret” of the males born, and assisted in nurturing the babies so they lived. Even today, there is a “nursing anointing” to help heal the minds and hearts of those who are losing hope for God’s great deliverance up ahead. Nurses will inspire great faith to rise up in this hour.

Both the midwife and the nurse had key roles in the process of God’s plan of deliverance. We must trust God’s process and enter into His plan as we await His deliverance.

When Moses’ mother gave birth, she hid him for three months. BUT THERE CAME A TIME SHE COULD NO LONGER HIDE GOD’S DELIVERER!

“But when she could hide him no longer, she got a papyrus basket for him and coated it with tar and pitch. Then she placed the child in it and put it among the reeds along the bank of the Nile” (Ex. 2:3).

Moses was put into a basket and sent off in the Nile river. Moses means “one drawn from the water” and the Nile River was the basis of Egypt’s wealth, indeed of its very life.

These scriptures about Moses ring true to God’s timing for the remnant for this season. After these next three months, the remnant will no longer be “hidden” and stationary. God will draw His remnant “out of the water” and into the “river of life” where they will be received and ushered into royal palaces (places of influence).

Get ready for battle by resting and remaining “hidden.” Get nurtured from the WORD so you are fully equipped for the new landscape and challenges ahead. Get excited that you were born for such a time as this! We are coming into our greatest hour to be His powerful witness in the earth!


We are coming into another huge sign in the sky that should alert us all to ask: What are you showing us LORD through this sign that is communicating your Covenant Redemption Story? Even Satan understands the signs in the sky are relevant, and so, he has worked his magic through the centuries to use these signs for his own narrative and agenda as well to counterfeit the LORD’S plan. Christians are now afraid to talk about the signs in the sky that Genesis 1:14 declares have been made to be the LORD’S sign to communicate His plan.

“Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS and SEASONS, and for days and years.”

With a year that is defined by good and evil warring against each other, and well as two “reset’s” attempting to birth at the same time: One reset founded in the LORD’s Promise for His people, while the other reset a promise of a “new world order” founded by Lucifer Himself, we are in a war and the signs in the sky give us clues.

This year, there were 6 eclipses: 2 solar and 4 lunar eclipses. On December 14th, 2020, the second solar eclipse occurred this year. A total solar eclipse happens when the moon passed between earth and the sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth.

On December 21, 2020, a rare event will occur in the night sky… And it has not been seen in over eight centuries when Jupiter and Saturn. This is a sign to pay attention to. Two largest planets in our solar system will conjunct to form what’s sometimes referred to as the “Christmas Star” or “Star of Bethlehem.” So on the day of the start of the winter solstice, the two planets will appear to form a double planet in an extremely rare event that was last seen 400 years ago.

This is a SIGN for sure of the LORD our KING birthing forth His plan and His people who will come in alignment as ONE with Him, for He is our MORNING STAR:

“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and MorningStar” (Rev. 22:16).

However, it is also a sign of what the enemy is doing as well, trying to be like Jesus and rule as a “light” and rulers of the world with the promise of peace and safety and His agenda of a One World Order of enlightenment as well. Saturn (Satan) is contending for the hearts of the people of Jupiter (Jesus).  Jupiter in Hebrew is Zedek (“righteousness”). Have we not experienced the pain and contractions of this struggle between the two this year?

This is just one excerpt I found on the internet describing this big event in the sky:

Thus, the Jupiter-Saturn Gran Conjunction signifies a sudden and drastic coming change of the present World Order. As it is, the world has never gone through this type of crisis before. It is unprecedented in scale and scope as the whole world is on a lockdown. As to the Grand Conjunction, Jupiter passing Saturn is a so-called a once-in-a-generation event. Astronomically, when Jupiter conjoins Saturn on December 21, 2020, they will be very close, only 0.1° apart. This is the closest conjunction since the Great Conjunction of July 16, 1623. One hour after sunset, Jupiter will be about 12° up in the southwest, 0.1° to the lower left of Saturn as viewed from the northern hemisphere. The Grand Conjunction will occur about 30° east of the Sun. Astrologically, the planets Jupiter and Saturn have been called ‘Chronocrators’ or Markers of Time. 

The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is called by some the ‘King-Makers” or a “Royal Conjunction.” We are at a pivotal point in history when two resets, two births and two promises are to come forth and there is a struggle between the two that is transpiring in the heavens and earth. We are at a conjunction….a marked time of transfer.

Meantime, the “Mystery of Babylon” that God has been exposed this year is not a mystery and this darkness is coming down. God declared this in Rev. 17 and 18, which includes those who have participated in an evil agenda with sex trafficking, banking, child sacrificing, and other the killing of babies is coming down. We are at “the hour” that this is coming down, and we are watching it happen as we speak. This does not happen without a fight, which is why we need to navigate through the troubled waters of the overturn. We are living in biblical days that John had seen in Revelation.

A new landscape will be up ahead of us in 2021, and we will need to learn how to navigate through new terrain and continue to be “truth seekers” and birth this baby (promise of His Sons of Light and Great Awakening) to arise and come forth as Isaiah 60 declared by the prophets this year. This year, the “waters” broke when that was declared, and the labor for this promise began. The waters broke for the enemy as well, and there was painful contractions that were evident in the earth as a part of that which included COVID-19 and our election.

The contractions (pain and mess) we have had to endure will be worth it IF we don’t stop pushing and believing God is in this process and He will get the victory in the end. He has determined that there will be a people He will use to assist in this process, and there is an anointing going into 2021 to become a “midwife” in this time of conjunction. You may be one called to assist, support, protect, help, and coach others through this time we are living in. This may be a covert assistance that will not gain a platform for others to recognize and see. Read Harriet Tubman’s biography. She was known as “The Moses of the People” and helped many through the Civil War to safety and provision through the “Underground railway.” Her gift and talents were used while the battle was going on UNTIL the war was finished and the declaration of FREEDOM in the land came into place. The Holy Spirit woke me up the other day and gave me her name.

In the next couple weeks, it has been suggested to lay low as the election process unfolds and unrest rises. I believe we need to seek God for His guidance of what that means, what He is saying, and how He wants us to prepare and position ourselves so we prosper through these uncertain times. Our election is affecting the nations, so God is using our prayers and His promise to make sure His Word comes to pass.

ALL is good as we keep LOOKING UP! And as we look up, let’s all look at the planets aligning this 21st and seek God for what He is communicating to His people who have been in labor to see His promise come to pass in the earth and this nation. He is our LORD AND PROVISION!


This Monday eve, December 14th, begins the tenth month of the Hebrew calendar known as Tevet. Ten is the number associated with godly order, authority, and testimony. Tevet is a great month to reflect over the past year and to judge righteously according to the Lord’s truth if your life is lining up with God’s order and authority.

Given this year of 2020, with 20 being a number associated with timing and judgment, the nation (and nations) have found themselves in a year of “judgment” of national matters, which has brought forth exposure to truth as well as deception and lies. It’s definitely been a difficult year to say the least, however, the blessing of COVID-19 has been the exposure of some of the “Mystery of Babylon” that has been hidden yet in operation, ruling many governments of the world. I believe this month “judgments” will be rendered by the rulers of this world, as well as the LORD Himself, and a dismantling of sorts will begin as to the power struggle between good and evil continues to unfold.

Issues that involve our national direction will not be understood by some who have set their perceptions of how God is going to answer prayer. Christians must remain steadfast knowing that God is in control, whether the outcome of matters that affect our nation go a certain perceived way.

In addition, for those who are still putting their sights and hopes on their political party winning, I want to challenge you to let go and rest. Have we not been praying? Do you not believe God is answering prayers? He is, but maybe not how we perceive the way He should.

God is a covenant keeping God, and in the midst of dark times, He is perfecting His promise to a people who are steadfast in Him. I will be bold to say that we need to go beyond who wins this election because this is not about a party: It’s about good and evil, and those who believe in the LORD must rest that He is in control. Trust the end of His story: He triumphs in the end. The LORD encourages us, “Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God, and the faith in Jesus” (Rev. 14:12).

This was spoken after the angel declared, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication” (Rev. 14:8).

2020 has been a plumb line year that has produced in some a greater measure of the “fear of the Lord.” Recognizing the need for God’s mercy because of apathy, and choices the Church and the governments of the world have come into agreement that opposes God’s ways, are causing many to get on their knees in a posture of repentance. That has been a good thing.

I think many can agree we have all suffered much with what is transpiring in our world right now. Unfortunately, I believe we will need to navigate through more to come. But at God’s appointed time, a verdict is rendered in the court for the Saints. We must press on until the “appointed time” in faith and obedience:

“I was watching and the same for was making war against he saints, and prevailing against them, until the Ancient of Days came, and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High, and the time came for the saints to posses the kingdom” (Dan. 7:21).

So what do we do as a people right now? For one, God is teaching us all how to REST in the place of His presence and truth, and be moved ONLY by His voice alone. This demands maturity as a believer to not be up and down according to the news of the day, and to “judge or examine” oneself before the LORD daily. In addition, this requires ALL of us to search the TRUTH and be diligent to seek the LORD on our own instead of having someone else tell us what God is saying. We need to wake up to the seriousness of the hour, but NOT in fear. How stable is your heart in trusting God with the outcome of the day? Pause and ask yourself how at rest you are.

Tevet begins the winter season of “rest.” The next three months are suited to spend time “resting” in the Father, digging into His Word and prayer as to what God is revealing. He wants to share His strategy, so we must take time to find out what it is because we have entered into uncharted territory. This time of intimacy gives us a renewed strength that is critical to a healthy and fulfilling relationship with the Lord. “Resting” does not equate not doing anything. It means that our “soul” is resting in the knowledge of who the LORD is, regardless of our personal and national circumstances.

This month is also associated with the tribe of Dan. Dan was one of the tribes that formed a branch on the north side of the tabernacle, along with Asher and Naphtali. These tribes were the known as the “rear guard,” and chosen to protect the tribes from any enemies coming from behind. Dan in particular had a gift of discernment to recognize the enemy coming in through the “backdoor.”

As a matter of fact, the “backdoor” is usually not a place our eyes tend to focus on, so we need to stay alert so we are not surprised by the plans of the enemy, especially with people and situations that have become “familiar.”

In addition, entering the “backdoor” can come through diversion. For example, as all eyes are on the election right now, what is happening behind the scenes that we are unaware of that will also affect this nation’s future? America’s destiny affects the world, so believe, me, there is much more going on right now than meets the eye besides the election results. How many have done investigation on what’s in the vaccine? The 5G rollout? The global currency situation? The military’s movements along our borders and within? We need to be a people that are using the gift Dan exemplifies that ask questions and seeking information so we can make informed judgments of what is transpiring.

Genesis 49:16 -18 says, “Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, and adder in the path, that bites the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backwards.”

Dan’s name in Hebrew means “to judge, to rule, or to execute judgment.” Dan was said to be “a serpent by way,” so God equipped Dan with a gift of wisdom to rule righteously and establish God’s path. However, Dan without God looks much like the “serpent” that can resemble a spirit of “anti-Christ.” Let’s use this template to discern the leadership before us in all areas of our lives, including our own government.

Let’s further dissect the leadership of Dan.

Dan’s high calling is to rise to judge, but to do so with a heart of humility that is yielded to the Holy Spirit. Because Dan’s gift can see situations black and white, they have a clear understanding of what is right or wrong.  Dan has the gift to step into a situation and establish order even in the midst of chaos.

If given an entrance, pride will partner with Dan’s gift of judgment, as the gospels testify what that looks like through the Pharisees who were ruling over God’s people during the days of Jesus. Dan can give us also a glimpse of how this gift can be used against God’s people IF those in leadership rule with their own agenda, power, control, and ideal of a “perfect world.”

WITHOUT God’s authority and maturity, Dan’s gift can put people under the yoke of control, power, and manipulation.  This usually comes in the form of criticism and accusation because there is a fear of losing control and the need to “be right.”  In the perversion of Dan’s gift, division and war can be a weapon used to assert power and control over a people.

Dan’s shortcoming will judge the sin and dish out the penalty while losing site of God’s grace for the sinner. In the end, if Dan isn’t under God’s headship, they become tyrants.

Dan’s gift can bring about a “holy anger” when injustice occurs. “Holy anger” is good when used in prayer effectively to thwart the enemy’s plans as well as to seek God for His action plan. However, anger left uncircumcised can take the gift of Dan and turn it into a curse. If you have ever known anyone who is able to discern right from wrong well and suddenly “explodes” with anger if triggered, you are witnessing a gift of Dan that has been tainted with bitterness and pride.

Throughout the Bible, the tribe of Dan is seen highly gifted but humbled because their giftedness led them to self-destruction, mainly because of their pride.

Today it is a challenge to see unrighteousness prevail in our society and not be met with the hand of justice. It can increasingly get hard not to get critical and react in fear and anger. The bait of Satan for those who have Dan’s gifting is for them to lose patience and not believe in God’s sovereignty and to rest in His timing of judgment.  This is particularly challenging now in our nation that is reaping the consequences of lawlessness.

Jacob’s prophesy to Dan included this very important line for us all to hold onto: “I have waited for your salvation, O Lord!” Jacob’s word reveals that the father’s heart of Jacob was challenged to pray and have patience for God’s promise to work through Dan. God is faithful in the end.


Samson was from the tribe of Dan, and his story shares the ups and downs of the characteristics of the tribe of Dan (Judges 13-16). God chose to raise up Samson to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. Israel had done evil in the sight of God and had been under the reign of the Philistines for 40 years.

For Samson, he grew up to be smart, cunning, and had a love for justice. His supernatural gift of physical strength was given with one condition of not cutting his hair. Nothing more! No working out, no studying books to get smart. No worshipping God to make sure his hair grows. God created him with these gifts, and Samson’s became a bit head strung because he didn’t have to lean on anyone to help him succeed. Sadly, this included God.

Samson eventually fell into a trap that our sinful nature usually follows; when we have been given much gifts, we tend to rely on our own gifts as our strength instead of the gift giver. Samson could rely on these two gifts on his own without leaning on the Lord in humility.

When we use our gift absent of the Lord’s lead and heart, we will find ourselves promoting self and feeding our own desires. For example, Samson uses a riddle to try and gain possessions and acquire assets. (Judges 14:12).

Samson also chose to disobey God’s laws and statutes He had laid out for the Israelites to not have relations with a harlot, or marrying a Philistine woman, or eating from the carcass of an unclean animal. These are just a few things Samson chose to do which opened up the door for the “destroyer” as you read his story.

As cunning as Samson was, he managed to find himself in love with two women who used their charm to deceive him. Betrayal of his first wife resulted with ANGER finding a home in his heart that fueled his revenge (Judges 15:7). Had not the tribe of Judah stepped in, Samson would have seen the destruction of his revenge upon all the children of Israel. But Judah turned Samson in like a sacrifice to the Philistines with Samson’s consent, and God used his gift to subdue the enemy. This was a turning point for Samson as he cries out to God for the first time in scriptures. The Israelites found peace from the Philistines for twenty years with Samson as their leader.

Samson’s story further reveals how the enemy doesn’t give up tormenting him and breaking down his resilience to hold onto the gift God had given him. Both women he loved wore him down! Samson’s guard was down and through the “back door” came the enemy through the two women who he loved. The enemy will use anyone to steal our inheritance and the gift God has given us to bless His Kingdom. Satan knows our weaknesses and will use them at an opportune time.

Although Samson was captured and imprisoned, and in all appearances wiped out of his gift and calling, the gift grew back (his hair) and God never left him. But this time, when he had no eyes to see and lead him except his “spiritual” eyes, God used Samson to wipe out the Philistines. The resurrected gift came with a great price as Samson became a martyr for God. But his life ended in humility and right before God.

God’s gift in you can be swallowed in darkness because of pride, but never snuffed out. In humility, God will allow His gift in us to grow again in even greater measure. Samson’s strength was the greatest in his last act before his death.

Samson died protecting God’s covenanted people from evil by destroying their enemy. In Revelations 7, it is interesting to note that this tribe is not mentioned in the list of those 144,000 accounted for in the latter days. Those gifted with executing God’s justice in the end are either wiped out because of their pride, or they are martyred for the sake of His righteousness. I believe some change like Samson and are martyred as you see them mentioned in Revelations when John describes the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21).

When God chooses to use the gift we see in Dan, it is so vital that the body of Christ listens as this gift helps the church recognize when it is getting off into idolatry. In humility, God’s people will heed the correction and move ahead. Prayer is key this month to find that narrow path that leads to truth.

This month of Tevet is associated with the Hebrew letter AYIN, which pictures an eye. What is God showing you or not showing you? What or who has the attention of your eyes and tugging on your heart? And what do the eyes of our Father in heaven, the great JUDGE, see when He observes you?  These are great questions to ponder as you examine your heart to prepare for the new Hebrew calendar.


This November 15th begins the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar known as Kislev.  Kislev means, “security, trust, and coming full circle.”

Kislev is the last month of the “harvest” season in the Hebrew Covenant Calendar which is associated with the tribe of Benjamin; the youngest son of Jacob. He was the ONLY son born in the Promised Land.

Benjamin was actually given two names. The first came from his mother Rachel. Having great difficulties in giving birth, Benjamin’s mother died right after seeing her son born. Rachel named him, ”Benoni,” which means “son of my sorrow (or iniquity). The name of her son was a death confession of her stealing the family idol treasures (Gen. 35:18).

As much as Jacob loved Rachel and wanted to honor her request, Jacob saw his newborn son through the eyes of God’s heart and was obedient to change his name to fit His destiny. Jacob named him “Benjamin,” which means “son of my right hand.”

The meaning of a person’s name reveals clues to their God given identity and destiny.  Name changes in the Bible are not insignificant. Abraham’s name (Father of many nations) was changed from Abram (exalted father), to fit Abraham’s prophetic destiny in God’s Covenant Story.

God changed Jacob’s name as well to ISRAEL. Jacob’s birth name means “supplanter, or deceiver.” His name fit him because this name identified his nature before encountering Father God heart to heart. But after Jacob wrestled with God and understood His Covenant heritage, God changed his name and nature to fit his God appointed identity and purpose; ISRAEL, meaning “ruler or prince with God” (Gen. 35:10).

Benjamin was the only son born after Jacob’s divine encounter with God. Jacob’s “firstfruit” in this new identity change happens when he renames his son Benjamin because he saw his son through the Covenant lens of his identity.

Incidentally, Jesus went through this process with Abba Father as well when Jesus was being baptized and the Father said, “This is My Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:17). From that moment on, Jesus was not identified as a carpenter, but as the son of God sent to save man from sins.

Before Jacob/Israel dies, God uses him to give the prophetic Covenant blessing to all his sons. Genesis 49:27 are the prophetic words over Benjamin. “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil.”

In this prophetic word, God shares that Benjamin has two sides: One that is self absorbing and will fight for his food at all costs sparing nothing for anyone who is hungry. The other is the matured Benjamin who has an understanding of God’s Covenant who will fight for what is right in order to give out what has been given him. The first nature is life without understanding the Father’s heart. The second nature comes through the wrestle with God, understanding our identity in Him, and the maturity to carry out His Covenant.

We see these two natures of Benjamin and conversion throughout the Bible. All twelve disciples of Jesus were Benjamites. When Jesus called on each of them to be His disciples, each one of them received a new identity. After spending time with the Lord and going through a transformation process, God was able to use them as His light.

God had already prophesied that the tribe of Benjamin would be a light when God decided to split the kingdom in two in 1 Kings 11:36 “And to Solomon’s son I will give one tribe (Benjamin), that My servant David may always have a LAMP before Me in Jerusalem, the city which I chosen for Myself, to put My name there.

Saul who converted to Paul was also a Benjamite (Romans 11:1). We read about his encounter, identity change, and how he was used a “light” in Act. 9:1-22. Saul believed himself to be so righteous as a Pharisee and one who persecuted the Christians UNTIL His encounter with the Father. Then he went from being a “son of sorrow/iniquity” to that “son of God’s right hand” (Gen. 35:18).

The generations of today are the “Benjamites” who will bring in the greatest Harvest for the King. But in order to fulfill their call, most need an “encounter” to understand their identity and purpose through the lens of the Father. America will need this encounter as well as we have forgotten our identity and purpose as a nation established by God.

As times get difficult, God has prophesied over the Benjamites who are his “son’s of His right hand,” protection and covering. Moses adds to the prophetic word for Benjamin: “The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by Him, who shelters him all the day long; and he shall dwell between His shoulders.” (Deut.33: 12) This is comforting to know as we are faced with difficult times ahead that the Benjamites have God’s special protection.

We can learn from the Benjamites in the Bible how God used them mightily when they put their trust in Him. Benjamites such as Esther and Mordacei saved God’s people from destruction and God exalted them. However, King Saul did not and he lost his throne.

God’s Covenant sign of the rainbow after the flood is associated with the tribe of Benjamin. (Gen.8,9). The rainbow, which has all the colors, is very symbolic of the heart of the Benjamites who have a heart for ALL of God’s people to know the King. They will be God’s sign in the earth of the truth of His Covenant.

Kislev is the ninth Hebrew month, and nine is the number associated with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Galatians 5:22,23 gives us all nine fruits: love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  This is divine completeness in manifesting the character of Christ, which the Benjamite disciples had first hand training.  When the world can see the manifestation of the “sons of light,” the heavens and the earth will rejoice!

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of God” (Romans 8:19).


In 2016, when President Trump was elected, many in the body of Christ were sharing that they saw him as a type of Cyrus in the Bible who God used to help deliver God’s people from oppressive Babylon leadership.  Indeed, I did not disagree with their analogy because I knew that the “mystery of Babylon” that has taken root in America must be shaken and overturned, and God was raising up the one He chose to assist in this process.  However, when I prayed, I saw Trump as Samson.

I am sharing this with you today so you can follow the life of Samson and perhaps use this to focus your prayers at this hour for President Trump (Judges 13-16).  Samson was chosen to lead the Israelites during a time in history God was raising up judges to turn God’s people back toward Him, leaving their idolatry and ways of the world behind.  God allowed the adversary to rise up because the people had chosen to reject God’s leadership.

When Samson came on the scene, the greatest adversary was the Philistines.  God gave Samson the supernatural ability to defeat the enemy.  He had a strength that was unexplainable.  He had an unusual way of leading that wasn’t typical.  His own people wanted to give him up to the enemy because of Samson’s indiscretions that put God’s people in jeopardy.  But God gave Samson the increase to defeat all.  And his leadership did bring peace for God’s people for a short time.

THEN, Samson’s anointing was “CUT”  while he was sleeping.  He had opened the door for this event to take place because of his weakness with women, particularly Delilah.  And the enemy overtook him, imprisoned him, and gouged out his eyes.  

In the place where Samson had no strength and his hands were tied, God gave him a supernatural vision of the purpose HE had for raising up Samson as a leader.  Samson understood in that hour that it was God who gave him these natural abilities for a greater purpose to save His people.  And in that revelation, Samson chose to die a martyr and use His strength to take down the strongholds and government of the Philistines.  God strengthened Samson one more time, and out of that act of obedience, Samson took down the pillars (strongholds) of the enemy:

“Then Samson called to the Lord, saying, ‘O Lord God, remember me, I pray! Strengthen me, I pray, just this once, O God, that I may with one blow take vengence on the Philistines for my two eyes!'”

And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars which supported the temple, and he braced himself against them, one on his right and the other on his left.

Then Samson said, ‘Let me die with the Philistines!  And he pushed with all his might, and the temple fell on the lords and all the people who were in it.  So the dead that he killed at his death were more than he had killed in his life'” (Judges 16:28-30).

I share this with you because I saw back in 2016 that there would come a time in Trump’s presidency that his natural gifts, talents, and resources to lead would come to a halt.  Trump would find himself down on his knees praying and seeking God’s face because all of his own efforts failed.  In that hour, God would meet him face to face and give him the bigger picture to see of how He was using him to fulfill His covenant promises to a people who call on the name of the Lord.  And out of that encounter, God would give Trump the strategy and strength to bring down the stronghold that is destroying our nation who is a symbol of hope for the world because she has been founded on the promises of God.

Please join me in prayer for Trump at this hour.  He cannot rely on the cabinet or religious leaders for help in this historical time of crisis in America.  There are too many mixed signals and some are from the spirit of antichrist.  He must hear from God alone, and then have the strength and courage to execute leadership.